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PR Startup

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I have started a marketing and public relations business and want to attract clients. What campaigns can I use to effectively increase business

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First step: Identify your goals
Is your goal to drive direct response traffic and generate clicks? Or is your goal to promote your brand and measure user engagement? Identifying your goals upfront will help you to better plan and implement your campaigns. The ultimate goal for your campaign will influence your targeting choices, pricing model, creative messaging, and even the metrics you choose to track.

Second Step: Understand you Customers.
Before you create your first ad campaign, take the time to create build a mental profile of the customers you’re trying to reach. Considering your customers' preferences, habits, and traits can help you choose the right settings for your campaign. Here are some important areas to consider about your customers' preferences and behavior:

Words and phrases they use to search online: If you run a furniture store, think about the keywords that your potential customers might use to search for furniture. Would they use general search terms like “furniture” or “furniture store”? It's more likely that a customer would use more specific terms based on what they’re looking for, such as “buy sectional sofa” or “dining room chairs.”
Types of websites they visit: Think about the kinds of websites your customers might be interested in. Will people looking for furniture also visit home improvement websites, websites related to interior design, or websites tailored to new parents? Consider what types of web content would be a good match for your furniture ads.
Geographical location: Think about where your potential customers are. If you only offer furniture delivery to customers in your city, then you should limit your campaign’s targeting to your city. This helps make sure that you only pay for clicks on your ads from people who live in your delivery area and can purchase your furniture.
How they contact you: Consider how you want your customers to get in touch with you. If you want them to come to your store in person, you can highlight location information in your ads. Or maybe you’d like them to call you or fill out a contact form online. You can add these and other options to your ad with ad extensions.

Third step: Choose the campaign type that's right for you.