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PPCall charges

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Hi there.


I am trying to get my head around something. With Call-only adverts, there is the ability to set a call length. Does this mean that I am only charged if the call exceeds that length? If that's not the case, what is its purpose?



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PPCall charges

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Hi @Philip L,


With the AdWords call only campaign, you are charged when a call is placed or a click is performed. 


The call length is for tracking conversions. You can set the length of call required before it is considered a conversion.


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PPCall charges

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Hi Philip,


The call length is for determining which calls count as a conversion. It will vary from business to business, but usually any call less than 15 seconds is unlikely to be of any value. 


With Call-only, you pay per click on the call button in your ad. Not all of these will result in actual calls (there is an extra step on phones to confirm they wish to call), and not all calls will be long enough to be of use. 



PPCall charges

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Hello @Philip L,

You can track call conversions using the following instructions


  1. Sign in to your AdWords account.
  2. Click the Tools tab, and select Conversions from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click the + Conversion button.
  4. Select the "Phone calls" option.
    1. Select Calls from call-only ads or ads using call extensions.
    2. Click Name. Enter the name of the phone call conversion you'd like to track. This will help you recognize this action later when it shows up in conversion reports. An example might be "Flower phone orders" or "Booking calls." ClickDone.
    3. Click Value. Enter a value for each call, or select "Don't assign a value" if you'd prefer not to count one. Click Done.
    4. Click Call length. Enter the minimum length, in seconds, that a phone call needs to last to be counted as a conversion. Click Done.
    5. Click Count. Select whether to count every or one conversion per ad click. "Every" is best for sales; "one" is best for leads. Click Done.
    6. Click Conversion window. Select a conversion window (how long after an ad click you want to track conversions) for this conversion action. The window can be 1 to 60 days. Click Done.
    7. Click Category. Select the category that best applies to your conversion. Your choice here is used simply to segment your conversion reports. You can always change it later. Click Done.
    8. (Advanced) Click Include in “Conversions.” Opting into this setting—selected by default—will include data for this conversion action in your “Conversions” reporting column. If you uncheck this setting, data will still be included in the “All conversions” column.

      Data in the “Conversions” column is used by automated bid strategies like Target return on ad spend, Enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC), or Target CPA. So, if you use an automated bid strategy to optimize for conversions, and you don’twant to include this particular conversion action in your bid strategy, you can uncheck this setting. Otherwise, leave it checked. Click Done.
    9. Click Save and continue.
    10. Click Go to call extensions or Go to call-only ads, and follow the instructions below for your selection.

However, you will be charged for a click on your ads or a click on the call button. Length of the call does not effect the cost. 



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PPCall charges

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@RobSkelton and @James_Clemens have given you the correct answer to your question.


You are are charged when the button is clicked just as you are charged when your Text Ads is Clicked .


The call length is for Conversion Data !