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PLA feed: adwords_grouping with numeric values

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I set up a merchant center feed with adwords_labels and adwords_grouping columns. For the grouping column I want to use the products unique id to make it as granular as possible. This way I will only have one product per product target.

Can I use numeric values for the grouping column and is it ok from Google's side if only one product from the feed matches with the grouping?


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Re: PLA feed: adwords_grouping with numeric values

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Hey, BigVic.


There is no restriction I'm aware of regarding adwords_grouping (, and I actually think that this is a brilliant idea to get as granular as possible.


And if you're using AdWords Editor, you can even speed up the whole process (you don't have to enter each product target manually in the web interface).

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Re: PLA feed: adwords_grouping with numeric values

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Hi bigvic857,


As long as AdWords can verify the labels you are OK and you can name these whatever way you like.


As Calin suggested, use AdWords editor to speed everything up.


If you name the adgroup the same as your labels (might mean using a more descriptive label) you can use editor formulas to set your targets for 1000's of adgroups in one go.


In your product listings campaign, click add multiple adgroups and paste in all your labels so they are in their own adgroup.


Go to targeting > products and then highlight all your product targets in all adgroups.


Select Value 1 to be "adwords labels" and put "agname" (without the quotes) in the = field


Make sure everything is still highlighted and press "replace text"


Replace agname with [adgroup]


This will now replace all your adwords labels = agname with the actual adgroup name. Because you named the adgroups the right way, it inserts the right labels.


It can save loads of time doing it this way when you have a large number of products/labels.


You can read more about the editor formulas here


Hope this helps you out. I used this yesterday with product type as the values for 248 new adgroups and it worked a treat.


Re: PLA feed: adwords_grouping with numeric values

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Thanks for the tipp purefuzz. That makes it pretty fast indeed.