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PLA Advice, Clarification Needed

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I need advice for a change instead of giving it. I handle Adwords campaigns but never have I done any PLA campaigns and I want to make sure I do this right for one client.


He sells sports merchandise. His Merchant account I belive could be set up much better but that's why I'm here to make sure I understand how it works.


In his account, he has set up all product type fields like so:


NFL - National Football League Merchandise and Apparel > Green Bay Packers Merchandise Gifts and Clothing > Green Bay Packers Store - Shop By Category > Green Bay


No matter if the product is a jersey, jewelry, coffee mug or blanket, that's the product type he uses for that particular team. It is similar for all other teams and other sports.


It seeems to me that should say "blanket" or whatever the product actually is in this field. At the very least, "green bay packers blanket".


Also, I can't for the life of me see his PLA ads when searching for them in the Adwords preview tool. He's obviously getting impressions and clicks according to the stats but I've never seen any. I do see his competitors. I'm thinking that the product type data has something to do with it and why I think it should be more specific, that this field acts as the keyword on which ads are triggered.


So I'm asking if my assumption is right or if there's any other thing I should do.

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Re: PLA Advice, Clarification Needed

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Good afternoon - 


I started to offer some thoughts and then realized that I was essentially rewriting the entire Help Center PLA content, which is just silly. Smiley Happy


The options available vary for different types of products, with clothing items having some unique aspects. I would encourage you to review the "official" documentation carefully.  


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