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Organic Ranking keywords for Paid Advertising

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I'm newbie here and I have a doubt in choosing keywords for ad campaign that is,  If we getting organic traffic through the keywords which is selected for Paid adverting, should we consider those ones for my paid advertising program?

Re: Organic Ranking keywords for Paid Advertising

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Hello Dejeesh D ! Welcome to the AdWords Community,


In my opinion , yes this can be benefic if those keywords match search terms that convert into sales or leads. It is like receiving more traffic with having organic+paid listings for the same search term , the more traffic that brings profit, the better. I use exact match keywords to make sure they match the organic search terms that I found profitable.


Also a new report in AdWords has described how this has helped a business : link



"The paid & organic report has been incredibly useful in understanding the interaction between paid and organic search, and the overall synergy when they are working together. For one of our client’s key branded queries, we saw an 18% increase in CTR when paid and organic work together, as opposed to only having the organic listing."


This is an interesting topic where many others from the forum can share their personal experience with paid+organic listing for the same search term.