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Opinion needed

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Hello to all experts,


Can anybody please help me with following?

I have just started Adwords couple of hours ago. Billing info is correct, ads are approved however I can't see my ad in preview.


First issue: 17 out 20 keywords having low search volume, I know no competition at all however google is not showing because People don't search for this term very often. what should i do in that. I inserted exact keyword for particular service with all possible variants.


Second Issue: 3 out 20 phrase doesn't currently trigger any of your ads. Even all ad based on that keywords only For an example:


Keywords (example): 
Cloth stitching Mumbai

Woman Cloth stitching 

Man Cloth stitching 


Ad i created:

Title : Cloth Stitching

Headline 1: Personal Styling for Women & Men
Headline 2: Fitting garment to stitch as per your measurements 


I don't understand how this ad is not relevant for "cloth Stitching" keyword.




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Opinion needed

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Hi @Chen Yuan,


As the data in UI is not real time, you need to wait at least few hours to get the data updated on the AdWords Dashboard.


1st: If most of the keywords are LSV then I would recommend to switch to a less strict keyword match type(BMM).

Or get other relevant keywords with traffic using the Keyword Planner tool.


2nd: What reason is being shown by the ad preview tool for not triggering the ads?

Is it Low ad rank?

Make sure you are using bid above the 1st page bid. I would recommend to use higher bids initially to get a better ad rank as the system will take time to boost the QS.


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Re: Opinion needed

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Your first issue: this means that there isn't enough search volume for those (exact) keywords in the location / language / ... your set. You can use the keyword planner (under tools) to get an idea of which keywords would drive more traffic, you could also change your matching type to "phrase match" or "modified broad match" (help page) to get less restrictive matching. Using less restrictive matching in the beginning would allow you to narrow down at a later stage when you have more data (ie. search terms report)


You could for example use keywords like:

+man + cloth +stitching

and monitor what results you get from that.


For your second issue, if keywords have a low search volume (first issue) they'll be put on inactive (help page) So solving the first issue would automatically help here as well.

Opinion needed

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I understood your concept for the keywords having low search volume, however it is impossible to change because it's particular word of services I am providing. 


Example: Wordpress Error fixing

For particular services like above example, its difficult to choose keywords. I can't go with broad because I am not offering wordpress development and customization. My service includes only fixing errors. What are the other option you have??


At other note 3 out 20 keywords are generic as I mentioned earlier too. Now adwords not showing quality score at all due to ad rank. I have optimized landing page via putting words in content and loading speed. still adwords not showing ads. what can be done to improve ad rank? 



Opinion needed

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Well, the other options are "modified broad match" and "phrase match"


Example of modified broad match: +wordpress +error +fixing

will match any search term that contains those words in any order

Would match:

"Wordpress error fixing"

"Fixing the wordpress errors on my website"

"Fixing template errors in wordpress"

But would not match:

"wordpress error reporting"

"wordpress development"

or any other search term where your 3 words aren't present


Please have a look at the help article I linked to, having a good understanding of the keyword matching options is essential for running a successful campaign.


Quality score is one component of ad rank, your bid is another. If your landing page and ad copy are of high quality, it might be that your bid is just not high enough.