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Not getting clicks for the Impressions

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I am running a campaign in Adwords.

My keywords are getting nearly 1k Impressions but not clicks.

one campaign got 1k Impression and just 19 clikcs.

another one got 900+ in one day but only 3 clicks

Is it with budget/ Ads


please help me solve this



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Not getting clicks for the Impressions

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Hi there,


Are these display ads?


If so the number of clicks you are seeing is not unusual...


If they are search ads, what has the average ad position been?


Re: Not getting clicks for the Impressions

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Badged Google Partner

Hello Sri,

There are different things that you can do to get more clicks. I have mentioned them as below

1. Use Sitelink Ad Extension with Descriptions
A sitelink is an extra line of text that displays when your adverts appear in the top two positions. They look similar to organic search sitelinks that appear when you search for a company names.

Up to 4 sitelinks will display under your adverts but you can create more sitelinks than this and Google will decide which links to display. Google introduced sitelink descriptions in June 2013, however still not many advertisers are using them.

Adding sitelink descriptions to your campaign or ad groups allows you to add two extra lines of text under each sitelink heading and is shown to improve click through rates. By using this feature your adverts stand out and push down other adverts in the paid search results.

2. Implement Call Extensions
Similar to sitelinks, adding call extensions to your adverts makes it easier for people to get in touch. This is ideal for businesses where customer calls are common in the sales process. The major advantage of call extensions is that people can click to call using either their mobile device or by using software such as Skype on a desktop.

If you setup a Google Phone number when creating your call extension you can record calls as a conversion in AdWords if they last longer than the call duration that you specify. Call extensions also make you adverts stand out and encourage those fingers to click.

3. Create Tightly themed keyword groups
All the options in the Google AdWords interface are designed to encourage you to add multiple keywords into your account and into your Ad Groups. The problem with this is that having 20+ keywords in an adgroup impacts on the relationship between advert text and keywords in each adgroup.

When people search for a keyword in your Adgroup containing 20+ keyword, the advert that appears will more likely than not, not contain the keyword they are searching for. The end result is that the click through rates and quality scores of your keywords and adverts are adversely affected.

The solution is the tightly group themes or keywords into smaller groups and make sure that the advert copy contains the keywords at least twice if possible.

4. Use Title Capitalisation in Your Adverts!
Make your adverts stand out by using title case. It is proven to increase AdWords CTR. Which advert stands out most from the selection below?

5. Use the advert display URL effectively
The display URL can be used to reinforce the keywords used in your Ad Groups. Rather than simply display your actual website address, you can create an address that might not actually exist on your website but it looks highly relevant to the search query you want your advert to display for.

As long as the base of the display URL matches your actual website address you can add what you like either before your website address ( or after the address ( You have 35 characters to use in the display URL and so if you have a short website address you will have more opportunity.

6. Regularly Adjust your bids
Bid too low on your keywords and your CTR’s will suffer. Make sure that you regularly review your bid prices to ensure that you are firstly bidding enough to appear on page one and secondly that your bids place you high enough on the page to get a decent click through rate and ultimately cost effective conversion rate.

Experiment with you bid positions and increase your bid prices incrementally rather than make bid increases. It isn’t just about bidding to appear at the top of the page as this could just use your budget and lead to expensive cost for sales or enquiries.

7. Include Call to Actions and symbols in your Advert copy
Think about your unique selling points and include them in your advert copy. This will make your adverts stand out and get more clicks. If you have something to shout about such as an award or an accreditation then include it in your advert copy or add sitelink extensions.

Using exclamation marks, @ symbols and other characters can draw attention to your adverts and encourage clicks. Do be careful to stay within Google’s advertising guideline. Don’t worry if you do over do as Google will indicate what you have done wrong.

8. Check out the competition
If you are looking for ideas when writing new adverts, then why not start by looking at what your competitors are doing? How are they advertising? Do they focus on price or mention compelling unique selling points? Are they using strong calls to action or sitelinks and call extensions or review extensions? Take inspiration from the best bits to create new adverts that stand out in the search results.

And if its a display campaign, try experimenting with different banner ads and sizes.

Syed Sayem Mustafa

Not getting clicks for the Impressions

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Hi Sri,


I agree with what @RobSkelton mentioned. And great suggestions by @Sayem M

I am also curious to know avg. pos. of ads? 




Neha Gupta, AdWordsTop Contributor Follow Me: My Blog | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
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Not getting clicks for the Impressions

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Badged Google Partner

@Neha Gupta You are absolutely right. Avg Position also plays a great role in getting more clicks. The higher the avg position is, the more likely is to get clicks. 

Not getting clicks for the Impressions

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Hi Everyone,


I would like to add another important factor that can impact the CTR just like Avg. position.


It the the keyword match type if it is broad and the ad copy is not relevant to the searches.

Archit, AdWords Top Contributor, Community Profile
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