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Not Found - 404 Error

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I've been sent an email to grant me access to an existing google adwords account. 


I clicked the appropriate link and provided an email address that wasn't connected to an existing adwords account.


It seemed to work, but then transferred me to the following url -


But on the screen the only content is the following - 




Error 404


Any ideas?


I've tried deleting history and clearing cache and trying again without success...


Thanks for your help in advance!

Re: Not Found - 404 Error

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner
John B
Try this:
Make sure you are signed in to google with the new email address you said you just created.

Then go to

Let me know if that brought you into your account.
If not switch browsers and repeat steps above.

If still not in. Lets reverse the steps, Log out, Clear cookies, Go to and it will ask you to login,

Let us know what happens.

Good Luck

Ps- there has been reported bugs based upon being loggin at first or not, and sometime recognizing that you are logged in and do have an account. These issues have been reported.

Re: Not Found - 404 Error

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I've tried deleting the history and clear the cache, and just tried closing everything down, restarting the computer and trying again, but still not working.


When trying to access adwords it now takes me to the following screen (see screenshot below):

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 09.03.29.png


I suppose my question is now - 


If this email address already has access to Adwords - how can I get access to adwords?!?! Any link I try to use transfers me to the welcome/signup screen as seen in the screenshot above.


If I try using the link in the original email that was sent to me by Google (for read-only access to somebody else's adwords campaign) it still comes up with the 'NOT FOUND Error 404' page originally reported...