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Noob alert - Location targeting and adding city name in keywords?

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If targeting a location radius, should you/must you also include the name of the location you are targeting in the keywords?  


Say I'm targeting a 100 mile radius of Milwaukee and I'm using the keywords "Urban Farming." Would I need to include the keyword "Urban Farming Milwaukee" to make sure my ad is showing up for that keyword, or does the location target automatically provide those searching in Milwaukee with my ad if they search "Urban Farming?"






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Re: Noob alert - Location targeting and adding city name in keywords?

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Hello Melissa,

If you are targeting a 100 mile radius of Milwaukee, then you target persons that have an internet connections in that region.
And you target persons that type Milwaukee the search term. If your keyword is "white car", and someone outside your 100 mile radius but within your targeted country types the search term "white care Milwaukee" then your ad can show.

If you do not want that last option, you can change your campaing settings for advanced location targeting.

Standard it is : People in, searching for, or viewing pages about my targeted location
You can change that in: People in your targeted location

** I´am learning Adwords and find it very interesting.
** Ik ben Adwords aan het leren en vind het erg boeiend.

Re: Noob alert - Location targeting and adding city name in keywords?

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That would be a redundancy ; unless the radius includes small towns or suburbs that you would like to Geo- target specifically.

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