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Newbie questions

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So I have just started not only advertising on Adwords but also have a new site and business.  My site is hosted on which I know has some limitations.  That said my site speed on mobile and desktop are both over 70%.  I have my adwords campaigns go directly to my products page.  My site btw is and I typically send a click here:!watches-for-sale/c1bya


In early campaigns I have had bounce rates north of 70%.  Last night I had bounce rates from 90-100%.  All my ads are targeted to Canada and US.  Last night roughly 95% of traffic came from Canada. 


So many things wrong.  Also the traffic came fast and furious last night.  I am in a niche category.  Vintage Watches.  None of this adds up.


Don't even know where to start.


Any comments are welcome.





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Re: Newbie questions

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Hey Jeff,

I myself am a newer Adwords marketer currently studying the fundamentals.

If you're receiving a high bounce rate you should try checking the relevancy of your ads to the user's search queries, this could be one possible issue.

After viewing your site, I immediately ran into some issues:

1. The load speed on your site was pretty slow

2. Your site lacked transparency and credibility

(If your average sale price is roughly $1,200.00 how will you instill buyer confidence in what you're selling?

Think like the buyer:
Why would I buy a pricy watch from this site that may or may not be legit, when I can visit a much more credible source somewhere else on the web?)

These are two among several other factors Google addresses in improving your landing page experience:

I recommend clicking the link above as Google provides solutions that might help you improve your bounce rate.

I hope this was helpful.


Re: Newbie questions

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Hi @Jeff G
I don't think that the issue here is with the  site load time. WIX has some limitations, but overall it's a good platform for AdWords campaigns. The main issue here is the design and experience of the user on  the landing page (as mentioned by Stefan).
Work on that, and then set your campaign to drive relevant traffic of users who only have an interest in vintage watches. (Relevant keywords in this business, avoid broad  match, use negative keywords). Be focused. Narrow the traffic only to users who have an interest in your products. The  best tool to optimize keywords is the search terms report;



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