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New to AdWords and excited to start my new campaign!

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Hi, I'm new to AdWords and am very excited to start my new campaign.  Any pointers for first time advertisers?  I am trying to gain the attention of schools looking to book school assemblies.  THANK YOU, I appreciate any advice you can offer!

Re: New to AdWords and excited to start my new campaign!

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Hi Robin

I remember that first exciting feeling Smiley Happy So firstly, good luck and I hope you meet your desired outcomes.

This is a huge question, so ill redirect you to an excelllent thread for new advertisers written by one of the Top Contributors on here @ScottyD:

Feel free to post more questions

All the best


Re: New to AdWords and excited to start my new campaign!

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Hi Robin,


Couple of points I would like to highlight 


  1. Use Keyword Match Type feature. Understand the concept thoroughly.
  2. If you’re using more broad match and/or modified broad match keywords, you’re highly likely to pull in some completely irrelevant search queries that match with your keywords and ads. Add Negative Keyword either Ad Group level or Campaign level. Download Search Term Report  
  3. Don't ignore Mobile User Audience 
  4. Have a unique Landing Page & check whether the LINK displayed on the Ad leads to the destination page. If you have a Lead Capture Form, please test that as well 
  5. Without proper tracking in place, you cannot trace and promote the successful keywords, ads or Campaigns. Google provides Conversion Tracking code for free. Make use of it