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I'm new to these forums and to AdWords...My name is Larry and I'm from Boston in the US

Not sure what else I can add to introduce myself...AdWords seems a little overwhelming at first.  The main reason I came to the forums is that after figuring out how to create a campaign with a bunch of adwords I'm wondering if I'm missing something.  I started with a small amount per day, and partially followed some of the recommendations to increase my daily budget.  Based on projections, it estimates that I should increase conversions by some amount.

My business is a very small niche type, and probably not a lot of people searching for what I sell, but after something like 200,000 impressions, with something like 250 clicks, there has not been a single conversion (sale, right?).   Now I know that I normally get about 3-5 orders per today, I've been in business since 2001, and my prices tend to be lower than my competitors.   But what I don't understand is what is the point of me increasing and increasing my budget if I am not going to sell anything more...I feel like I am very quickly flushing my money down the toilet...anyone have any advice?

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Hi Larry,


If you have a search campaign, 0.1% CTR is very low and your keywords are likely to be the problem... so take a look at the search terms report and ask yourself if the search queries are from people who would be interested in your product. If not, add negative keywords or come up with new keywords that are more definitive.


If it is a display campaign (your CTR is typical of display), consider search instead. Display ads show to people who may be interested in your category of product, but are not actively seeking to buy.




If there hasn't been a conversion, potentially your conversion tracking isn't working properly - get it checked.



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Thanks for answering Rob! Since the stuff I sell (kaleidoscope kits and
kaleidoscope supplies) is so narrow, I'm not sure what to do about
keywords. I initially tried some broad terms like 'craft activities' that
are expensive and have the most impressions but I got rid of because it
seemed that I was paying to get nothing. I'm trying to use more specific
words like 'kaleidoscope kits', but even then I only got 7 clicks out of
922 impressions, and of course no purchases (I don't think the conversion
numbers are wrong).

The type of campaign I have is 'Search Network only'

I had increased my daily amount to $25/day, and it still said I wasn't
spending the amount I should. As mentioned, I did get rid of some of the
high volume keywords that were kind of broad for what I sell, so maybe now
the money will be more focused on more precise terms. It just seemed to me
that if I were going to spend $750 on advertising, I would need to actually
get at least that much in new business (actually profit) - but $0 means I'm
just throwing away so I'm not sure what to do...I guess I'll wait a few
more days to see if anything changes.

I wonder if there's any correlation to Google search position - I used to
be up front, but then my competitors updated and had SEO changes, and my
SEO is basically non-existent. I would think that instead of spending $750
on AdWords, maybe I should instead put that towards getting some SEO work
done...? Any thoughts on that Rob or anyone else? Thanks in advance.

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SEO can be better value in the long-term, just make sure you hire someone who doesn't use "black hat" tactics.


Conversion rates for AdWords and Organic should be similar for highly relevant keywords.


7 clicks from 922 impressions is terrible for a relevant keyword. Again, look at the search terms report for clues. If it is a broad keyword, change it to phrase. Also, look at any competitor ads and consider how you can improve yours.


Keywords like craft activities won't work. Too broad and too many people looking for DIY instructions. 


I would't bid on any keyword that didn't have kaleidoscope in it. An ad group with just one keyword could be tried:


and add negatives to it every day, from looking at the search terms report


Display ads and social network ads could be a better fit for you - you can define who gets to see them to a fine degree, and the sites ads appear on.




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Hi Larry!

Can I suggest using keyword planner? I feel it helped a lot when I was setting up my first campaign


I also feel Adwords is not so economical as I first I thought it´d be, even though I`ve had few sales, I`m still a long way to reach my sales goals.  My current short term strategy? stick with my daily budget, run lots of experiments, review the reports, leave it running for at least 3-4 weeks (to gather enough data) and then I`ll decide if raising my budget...we´ll see how that works.   Best of luck!