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I'm experiencing a similar issue... I'm finding it's like crossing your fingers an praying for the best result. AdWords suggests I pay (£2) CPC for a single keyword associated with an Ad. This is (as far as I'm concerned) astronomical figure. I would'nt expect to pay that much for a single sale.

I've had several attempts at this, all of which have been unsuccessful. I figured because it's Google it would be a simple and cheap option but it seems far from it.

I'd hate to think how much money has been lost to poor and unsuccessful campaigns.

I do hope someone can contradict my concerns, but I really need convincing about this product.

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Hi Mark,


The cost of a keyword is relative to those in the search auction, industry, quality score, campaign type and stuff like that. Some clicks are upwards of $60 dollars and others are $0.03. You might find this article shocking. 


AdWords is a professional advertising system that is very complex and dynamic with hundreds of features and endless possibilities. Some businesses want exposure and another wants phone calls or a web form fill or a completed transaction on their website... and some want everything. It's a very flexible system that can do what one needs, but it requires constant work, study, adjustments, refinements, etc. The Google Best Practices for AdWords should be used with everything done. 


AdWords can be profitable and bring a positive ROI (return on investment) ...and does for millions of users around the world. Let's make that happen for you, too.


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Well..... I (and many others here) manage successful campaigns for a number of clients. Successful, in the sense that they generate income for the client over and above what they cost. Sometimes, significantly so.


When you get down to the core, AdWords is nothing more than an advertising platform. So, in the same way that some people say that the half time ads at the Superbowl are ridiculously priced, there are still companies who feel that it is worth spending that kind of money for that kind of exposure.


AdWords is a complex platform and no-one would suggest (actually some would, but they are lying) that it is a magic formula for business success. You need to understand how it works and how to get the most out of your budget. It is certainly one of the easiest ways to burn through your marketing budget.


But to suggest that it doesn't work is simply contrary to all the evidence.


On the other hand, you are not alone, and millions has been wasted on poorly designed and implemented campaigns - of that there is also no doubt.

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Hi Mark,


My personal estimate is that approximately half of the AdWords advertisers lose money on ads, they just don't have the ability to analyse things properly, and they don't account for their own time or paid managers being part of the cost.


If others in your industry are making money via AdWords (I figure at least half will be), and your product/service is competitive in price and quality, and your website converts well, then an AdWords account created by a skilled manager should be profitable.


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