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New Advertiser. Have a few questions.

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Hi guys ... So I'm launching this new site relating to Blu-rays. Earlier today I started to look into AdWords for the first time, and I've come across some questions that need answering:


And just so you know, my ad is currently up and running, and it is showing in search results.




1) My ad in Google search results is currently being displayed right at the bottom, even though there are no other ads at the top or anywhere else. Does Google still display ads at the bottom even when the top section doesn't have any ads ?


2) I used the Keyword tool to determine an 'Ad Group Idea' which I can use for my ad. The historic data that showed that there were 'Local Monthly Searches' for those keywords. However if I take that same Ad Group Idea into 'Traffic Estimator', the estimate shows zero clicks, zero impression, and no cost at all to me. Why is this so ? I set my max CPC and Daily Budget to an insanely high value too, but still nothing.


Keyword tool:


Image URL (because its distorted below):




Traffic Estimator:


Image URL (because its distorted below):



3) What is the function of 'Display Planner' tool ? From what I can tell, Display Planner helps you to determine from the statistics, who your target audience needs to me. So say I have the following case:


Image URL (because its distorted below):



3) I assume 'Impressions' mean how many times the ad will show up in the search results ?


4) What does the 'M' mean, when they say '1M - 5M' ? Million ? Meaning the entry marked in red indicates that 1 to 5 million people from Pakistan search on things related to that category, every week ?!


5) So I then click on 'Review Plan', and then I click on 'Save to Account' to try and save this search configuration to my current Campaign. But my current campaign does NOT show up:


Image URL (because its distorted below):



Why can't I add it to an existing Campaign ?

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Re: New Advertiser. Have a few questions.

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Hi Ahmad,


1. Yes.


2. Seems that the ad copy and your website are not very much relevant to the keyword or you have too many competitors. Try higher bids and budgets.


3. The Display Planner is a tool in your account that provides targeting ideas and estimates to help you plan a Display campaign that you can later add to your AdWords account.


3b. An impression is counted each time your ad is shown on a search result page or other site on the Google Network.


4. *M* means a million.


5. That's because your account does not have a Display campaign which is not deleted. I suggest you choose the Create a new campaign radio button and go ahead as prompted.






Re: New Advertiser. Have a few questions.

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Thanks Lakatos.


I'll give my replies in the same sequence as well.


1. Well alright, but I think it doesn't make sense to place ads at the bottom when the top section is empty anyways. Since there are no competing ads, its makes sense to give my ad its best chance is its helpful to both me and Google.


2. I don't understand this point you've mentioned here. Not sure what you meant by 'ad copy', or why you think it has something to do with my website. Can you elaborate a little more ? I tried bids in PKR, which are equivalent to like $10000 maybe, and still I saw absolute zero traffic estimate.


5. I already have a Campaign, which has the following configuration:


Type: Search & Display Networks - Standard

Networks: All


Shouldn't the above be enough ?

Re: New Advertiser. Have a few questions.

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1. This topic was cleared out by a Google Employee right here, it is an experimental phase


"Bottom ads are a new feature of AdWords in which our systems try to optimise the search page to give the user the best experience possible."


there is also a blog post that explains this


2. You are getting zero impressions estimate because maybe you don't have an "ad copy" which is the actual ad text made up of 3 lines. Create at least 1 ad text before you use the estimate tool.


5. You are searching for information that is available only if you create a "Display network" type of campaign.


Good luck with your adwords account , and come back on this forum to keep us updated on your progress.

Re: New Advertiser. Have a few questions.

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Regarding art 5, the campaign should be Display Network only, Else it is not considered, as I mentioned above and Adrian also underlined.


Reg arts 1 & 2, I agree with Adrian.