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New Account - Ads Not Showing for Impossible Reason

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I just setup a new account and my ads and keywords are showing the following message:


"Your ad isn't being shown for this keyword because there may be other ads within your account that are ranked higher and have similar keywords."


There is only one campaign, one adgroup and only three (modified broad match) keywords in the account. There are definitely no other keywords in the account that could be conflicting with the ones currently running. Does anyone know what might be going on here and how to resolve this issue so ads start running?


Below is a link to a screenshot of the error message in context.


Thanks in advance for any help.


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Re: New Account - Ads Not Showing for Impossible Reason

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Hello Jeff,

This happened because you have set-up new account, just wait for 24 hours and your will definitely start showing after that. Because same happened with my two of accounts.

Hope this will work for you!


Re: New Account - Ads Not Showing for Impossible Reason

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Hi Jeff,

The bubble tool for keywords can give unexpected results. It's better to use the Keyword Preview and Diagnostics tool. Enter you keywords there and you should see your ad. Be sure to set your location to within your target area, if any, when using this tool.

Best of Luck!

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