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Negative keyword match type question

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Hi there folks; I hope you can help me.

I'm trying to refine my negative keywords, and have come up against a particular requirement that doesn't seem to be covered in the other articles on this subject. (and I'm WAY too dense to work it out myself Smiley Very Happy )


What I'm after is a negative keyword syntax that will reject a search (e.g. not trigger my add) if TWO keywords are present SIMULTANEOUSLY, but ONLY if they are simultaneous.


For example: I have a keyword/phrase of "Elephant Manufacturer", because my company manufactures elephants.

We make Small Elephants

We make Purple Elephants

But we do NOT make Small Purple Elephants.

Accordingly, I was hoping for some way of creating a negative keyword phrase that will reject my advert if the customers search phrase contains the words "Small" AND "Purple" AT THE SAME TIME, and in any order/position.

At the same time, it will happily trigger my add if the search term contains the term "Small" (on its own), OR "Purple" on its own.

So, the add would trigger on the following search terms:

'Small Grey Elephant'

'Elephant with Purple toenails'

But would NOT trigger on the following.

'Purple Elephant with small toenails'

'Toenail paint for small elephant with purple ears'


Any thoughts ?

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Negative keyword match type question

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Hi @No B,


There are no boolean options/operators available for what you're discussing.


It would appear that you're taking a very specific and detailed approach to your campaigns here.  If you have this level of specificity in your initial structure, have you considered using exact match KW (at least for a portion of this)?


Also, you could have an ad group for a topic and have ad group negatives for the single terms you want to exclude.


We make Small Elephants - Create a Small Elephants ad group and exclude 'purple'

We make Purple Elephants - Create a Purple Elephants ad group and exclude 'small'

But we do NOT make Small Purple Elephants.


Hope this at least gives you some food for thought.




Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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