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Need help with broadmatch syntax

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Hi, I'm just wondering if I have these keywords for broadmatch:


in home care jobs


can I use the syntax like this?


+"in home" +care +jobs


because 'home' by itself is probably not going to be relevant. I have other examples if need be...



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Re: Need help with broadmatch syntax

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You may be able to enter the keyword with that syntax, but I have no idea how it will behave. My best guess is it won't generate any impressions.

+in +home +care +jobs should be sufficient, no?
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Re: Need help with broadmatch syntax

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 Hi Mark,


If you don't want to use only home as +home +care +jobs then the other option is using all these words in phrase match type as "in home care jobs".

The combination of match types in a single keyword will not work as what you want.

Else if you will use all the words in modified broad as +in +home +care +jobs then the ad will trigger for queries like home care jobs in uk, home pets care jobs in london , so it can be any combination where all your +term are included.

So, you need to keep in mind all these thing while choosing keyword match types.

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Re: Need help with broadmatch syntax

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Thanks Archit, I'll remove my odd syntax then and will decide what to do instead