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Narrowing search network amazon

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I have seen from the forums that you cannot specify a particular website for search network ads.   But I have noticed lately that every time I do a search on amazon for a set of particular keywords the same text ads always show on Amazon. This is under the area : Customers Viewing This Page May Be Interested in These Sponsored Links.    When I use the same set of keywords on I cannot find these same advertised websites or adwords anywhere on search ?


How is it that these advertisers are showing up so much on the  search network ads ?


We have also noticed that these ads are usually very short.  Very short title and description .  Here is an example :


Find State of the Art Outdoor Speakers, Radios, and More!


If I search for a keyword like outdoor wireless speaker on  I see the frontgate ad in the search partners ads almost every single time 100 out of 100.  I use the same keywords on and I can virtually never get frontgate to come up.  We have tested this with other ads showing as well



We have noticed that these ads are served by ?  


Can anyone shed some light on the search network ads ? How is it that these advertisers are always showing up on .   My understanding is the ad is coming from google adwords.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.






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Re: Narrowing search network amazon

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Hello Jim ,


It seems that currently you cannot choose only "search partners" as discussed earlier here :


But maybe "search partners" accept a lower bid because not all the advertisers use them, and the competition in lower.

If so, setting a lower bid while using also "search partners" can be a good place to start testing a new campaign.


But just narrowing the search partners to amazon... i have no clue how to do that, maybe if a Top Contributor can explain.

Re: Narrowing search network amazon

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Hi JIm,


It's a little hard to tell, but those don't look like Google Ads. They are served by A9. Here's what their website says:


We manage critical capabilities—high availability, cross-platform, scalable product search and an advertising platform that serves advertisers and publishers alike—for our parent company Amazon and other clients.




A9's Ad Tech team builds the technology infrastructure and ad serving systems to manage unprecedented traffic


Best of Luck!




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