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My keywords are (unintentionally) almost all veriations of my name.

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My keywords are (unintentionally) almost all veriations of my name.  So I'm not getting searched for much.  I average 10 clicks a month so far.  Is there a way to edit my site so the search words are related to my services rather than my name??

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Re: My keywords are (unintentionally) almost all veriations of my name

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Hi Alisa,
Are you asking about they Keywords you're found for organically, or the Keywords you're found for in Google AdWords? If you're asking about Organic Keywords, you might be best served by posting that question in the Google Webmaster Forum (link below). Google uses a variety of different factors to determine where to rank sites in the organic results.

If you're asking about AdWords, yes, you can modify the Keywords you're bidding on and add more Keywords. You'll see best performance when you add Keywords that are highly relevant to the products/services you offer, and Keywords that you're target is searching for. Additionally, you can use Google's Keyword Planner to discover new and research Keywords and their estimated search volumes.
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Re: My keywords are (unintentionally) almost all veriations of my name

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Hi Alisa D,

If you only get your keywords from the AdWords Keyword Planner, that's why your keywords are all variations of your name. Take those keywords as a suggestion, not a recommendation. Quite often, keywords suggested by the tool are better used as negative match.

Don't rely on the Keyword Planner. You know your business better than any computer will ever know it. You can add broad match (or BMM) keywords that are more closely related to your business. Then periodically run a Search Terms report to find out how people are actually finding your site. Use that data to add phrase and exact match terms, and to identify negative keywords.

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