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My first campaign, how to improve ?

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Hello all


I am a beginner at this and are here to learn.


Last week I posted my first campaign containing 1 advert (in Norwegian).

I am advertising a shower and have put in 5 keywords.

Budget is pretty low as a started (app. 0,5 - 1 dollar for each keyword and app 3 dollar a day)


During the week I have done some adjustment in the bid for keywords and total budget according to advises from Google-


After a week the advert has been showed 536 times and has 24 interactions.


Is that very low ?


There are 2 keywords out of 5 that shows interaction.  The rest 3 have had no click.

The rating of the keywords of the two keywords are 6/10 and 5/10-  


What should I look for and what should I do to improve this ??


Thnk you for your help.





My first campaign, how to improve ?

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24 interactions with 536 impressions is pushing a 5% click through rate (CTR), which is a very successful number in most markets. 


What MATCH TYPES are you using for your 5 keywords?  Most markets have more than 5 good keywords, did you do some keyword research, and analysis of competitive sites?


Have you set your bids at least as high as the "Est First Page Bid" level?


Are the keywords with no clicks getting impressions? If so, how many? It may be that you just don't have enough data (impression volume) yet.  It's a statistical phenomena.


By "shower" are we talking about selling household hardware, or something else?  A little insight into which market would help us give your more suggestions. 


Have you setup tracking for conversions?  The code for tracking conversions on your website, and telephone call tracking if possible. 

My first campaign, how to improve ?

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Hi @Penge58


What is your objective from the campaign?

If your objective is to drive maximum traffic & since you have limited budget so i would suggest to check for search query report (if you have added Broad keyword) and add/exclude the relevant search terms.

If you have already added exact terms then you can check the average position & CTR to see the performance.



You should make sure that your adcopy is relevant to the search queries and the keyword must present in the adcopy at least once to improve the quality score of keyword. Exclude any irrelevant searches if triggered (in case of broad keywords)



My first campaign, how to improve ?

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Thank you Steve.


I understand I have quite a lot to learn here so I hope you are patient with me.

First of all let me give you the link to the actually shower I am adverting so that you can see what it is.

The page is in Norwegian thnough.


I read somewere that the best was to use key quotes instead of keywords.  In my understanding this means a set of words instead of single words. And those key quotes that have interactions are combinding of words. Those who have not is just single words.


"large shower" has been showed 331 times and clicked on 18 times

"massage shower" has been showed 121 times and clicked on 6 times-


You asked me about MATCH TYPES but I don't really know what you mean by that ?

I have not done any keyword analyse and not analysed the competitors as I don't know how to do that.

If its too heavy to describe it here maybe you can point me to an article about that ?


Yes I have set the bid to at least what google demands as a first page bid.


The keywords with no clicks get just a few impressions. They get 51, 20, 4 and 1.


I haven't set up any tracking either but the shop should be prepared for Google Analyze-


Thank you for helping out here and I learn something new every day and thats what makes this interesting.







My first campaign, how to improve ?

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Hi Taranjeet and thanks for your reply.


The objective of the campaing is of course to sell Showers but in order to sell I need traffic so that is the first step I think.

Here is a link to the actual shower-


The position of the 2 most sucessfull key words and 4,2 and 4,1.  I guess that is what you are mentioning but what does that actually means ???


CTR is 5,44 and 4,96 on those two.  The other 3 words and 0.


The keywords are presented in the adcopy. Well...not all but some of them.

Maybe I should be more focused on the match between the adcopy and the search words ?







My first campaign, how to improve ?

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Petter, fyi a "keyword" in PPC is defined as a multi-word string of words, although there is the special case of single-word keywords.  For example:


modular shower system


is a 3 word keyword. When written like that, it becomes a "broad match" keyword which must be used carefully; it can match to a very broad range of search terms, many of which will be irrelevant.  The other match types help you to "sculpt" a campaign for better match precision.


The longer the keyword, the fewer searches.  In many campaigns, the 3 and 4 word keywords are "late pipeline" keywords.  You have to be careful with two word keywords because they can match too broadly.


If you are using quotes " around your keywords, then you have set them to "phrase match".  You will also want to use "exact match" [keyword here] and likely to experiment with some modified broad match:


+modular +shower +system


Here is a reference article on match types:


Learning the rules for how match types work will pay you good dividends.  There are also plenty of YouTube videos, from Google and others.


If you LINK your Google Analytics with your Adwords Account, then you will be able to see "engagement data" from within your AdWords campaign management console; and vice versa in Analytics.  For example:  bounce rate, time on page, number of pages.


hth, and have fun. 



My first campaign, how to improve ?

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Thank you Steve


So in short terms you would recommend me to only use one-word keywords  ?


These are the keywords I am using:


large shower

massage shower

kaiser    (which is the brand name of the shower)

shower 120x120

roof shower

shower with radio


Only the two first have resulted in interactions-

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My first campaign, how to improve ?

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I recommend AGAINST using one-word keywords, unless they are quite unique (like maybe a brand name).  They will match against too many irrelevant search terms. 


instead of just shower 120x120, I would use the phrase match keyword "shower 120"  and perhaps the modified broad match +shower +120

then watch your search term report (add the "Keyword" column) so see what matches against them. 


also you might try:

+kaiser +shower

+roof +shower

+massage +shower

By monitoring search terms for what matches against them, you may discover new phrase and exact match keywords. 

Even if they match too broadly, you may first discover new search terms which are being used. 


Remember in phrase match, the ORDER of the words matter, so you may want to add phrase match keywords stated in a different order, if they are likely to be entered that way.  Phrase match keywords match to search terms that have other words before, and/or after them.



My first campaign, how to improve ?

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Thank you for all your helps.

I am a beginner at this and want to learn.

Thank you so much.