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As a busy man as I am managing my landscape co and doing most of the work myself will I be able to manage this myself. Not a computer savvy.
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Hi Gigi, and welcome to the forum.  It really depends on what you want and how much you get out of AdWords.  If you're busy and not that IT literate then the best initial solution for you is probably Adwords Express (click here for more details).  Express is about as simple as AdWords gets and there's hardly any management time required.  The downside is that it's really very limited compared to the full product.


If you're in landscape gardening I'm sure you can think of your own analogies with gardens that need a lot of work and maintenance and those that are more self-sufficient.


If you think you'll need all the features of the full product it will require quite a lot of time and learning to be really useful and without this is really is quite easy to spend money with little, if any, return.



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Re: My company

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Hello Gigi;

I  recommend the following article by Jon, for those who consider AdWords;


Where to Start (I) - Before you begin with AdWords

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