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My brand doesn't show on keyword planner

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My business prooduces sports drinks so I am trying to do some analysis using keyword planner and am confused with the results relating to my brand. 


When I go into "Search for new keyword and ad group ideas" and set "Your product category" to "Sports drinks" (and set my country), it comes up with a list of keyword ideas. My SEO keywords include the term "sports drinks".


This list contains all the names of my competitors products, but my brand name does not exist at all. For example, two of the top searches for my competitors come up with 590 and 390 respectively (we're a small country). When I go through to Google Analytics and check my site traffic, I'm getting up around 750, and google search is providing about half of this - but it is saying (not provided) so I can't see the keyword source. 


Regarding the top searches (e.g. 590 searches). These are relatively new, obscure brands. Powerade is the market leader and is not showing either, and even gatorade, which is a distant second to Powerade, is way down the list.


Likewise, when I do a keyword search for my brandname, nothing comes up. 


Can anyone explain these results?

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Re: My brand doesn't show on keyword planner

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The Keyword planner is just an estimate of some of the larger searched terms. Use it as a tool to get ideas, but not a be all end all resource.

When you create your Adgroups you can obviously add any keyword in the world.

To over come some of the No Provided Searches in analytics, you need to add Google Webmaster Tools. You can add it to analytics ( recommended) or use it as a stand alone. This will give you some better idea of the terms people have used in google to reach your website. It will show the clicked terms. Again this is a tool, and not always accurate. Google webmaster tools does have a 2 day delay in updating information so it will always be 2 day behind.

You last question: "Likewise, when I do a keyword search for my brandname, nothing comes up." that's not uncommon. The tool is based upon Millions of searches, and since you are not advertising your Brandname yet, that data is limited. Also like you said some of the larger names like Powerade doesn't show a lot of search data.

The thing about adwords, is creating good landing pages, good ad copy, and tightly focused Ad groups with several keywords. You can have as many ad group or campaigns as necessary.