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My ads don't show up?

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I have set up my adword account and set my keywords at 18 pence per click. The campaign has been running for a week and I've had only a few clicks. However I've just tested it myself and my ad does not show at all. No other advertisers show either.


Google adwords never say anything about a minimum amount they will charge. This just seems like a total con. This is the first keyword I have found where nobody else seems to have bid on it and yet Google yet again are trying to milk it for about £2 per click. This is just ridiculous for a product that's only worth £1.


What's with this company and it's insatiable greed and it's total indifference toward small business?

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Re: My ads don't show up?

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Hi Lisa T,

It's very rare that any keyword hasn't been used or isn't being bid on by competitors. The fact that no ads show on a SERP for a certain keyword most likely means that keyword has been tried by others with little success. That results in a low QS, and that means you'd have to bid higher to get impressions for your ad.

If your product sells for only £1, AdWords might not be a profitable source for your advertising. It doesn't work for everybody.

I'd suggest a little more keyword research to find how people look for your product.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords