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My ads are running but no impressions why?

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My ads are running but no impressions why is that?

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Re: My ads are running but no impressions why?

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Hey there,

Welcome to the community. What's does the status of your ad currently say? Did it receive impressions before but stopped when you made a change? Since how long have you submitted it?

Note that there could be a number of reasons why your ad isn't receiving impressions and they could be difficult to identify unless we have access to your account. I do suggest you call adwords support directly so they can pull up the account and tell you what the issue is while you're with them on the phone.

Here's the link for the Adwords support phone numbers:

Hope that helps.

Re: My ads are running but no impressions why?

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Hi DonPaul.
Please use the ad preview tool to find your ad:L

If your ad is not displaying, it will tell you the reason why.

Here is a troubleshooter on diagnosing why you may not be seeing your ad.

Re: My ads are running but no impressions why?

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There can be several reasons.


1) Ad's not approved

2) Too restrictive keyword choices (Ie on exact match for instance)

3) Ad Scheduling

4) Low quality scores , Low search volume

5) Bid to low

6) Budget to low


What you should first do is run the "Adwords preview and Diagnostics tool" which will give you insights into what could be some of the potential issues.


Most of the times, not receiving impressions has to deal with Restrictive Match types and too Low of a bid to enter the ad auctions.


Check out Match Type Options here:


Good Luck,


If your question is not resolved after you check out the information and suggestions above, come back with more details on what you have found.


Eric G