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My ad is not showing because another campaign uses similar keywords.

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I just have one campaign and one ad running and still i get error that Ad not showing because of similar keyword in another ad. I just have one campaign and one ad.

Re: My ad is not showing because another campaign uses similar keyword

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner

Use the Ad Preview Tool on the individual keywords and it will list the Keywords that are in conflict or win the auction over the current keyword you are checking. The you can adjust accordingly
Ad Preview Tool

AdWords only displays one winner for any given keyword query, and the winner is based on it's relationship to the user query, your keywords, the bids, the match type , quality score and Ad rank for the your given keywords.

Lets say the keyword query of the user is Buy Blue Widget.

In your One Campaign, you have an ad group that is bidding on :
Ad Group 1
+blue +widgets
"Buy Blue Widgets"

In Ad Group 2
Buy Widgets
"Buy Widgets"
[Buy Widgets]

In the case above A single user query can only win one Keyword Bid to display an Ad. The use query Buy Blue Widgets would be fighting against each other for every keyword In group one and every keyword in Group 2. One of your terms would win the others would show as "Ad Not showing because another keyword..."

The keyword that would win, would be the one with the combination of Highest Ad Rank, the Highest Bid, and Highest QS.

To overcome this situation, you can either readjust your ad groups for tighter match types and use negative keyword to exclude certain terms within the ad groups.
Example: Add the negative keyword: Buy in the ad Group 1 so that it will not compete against Ad Group 2,

Negative Keyword:

You can also adjust bids so that you sculpt which terms potential win the bid,
For example In Ad group 1, bid higher on the exact match term, mid level bid on Phrase and lower on the Broad Match.

Note in Ad group 1 and 2 the Phrase match and the Broad match or even Broad Match Modifiers as keyword match type will be competing against each other all the time. There for you may want to either just kept and exact match and remove one of the Phrase, Broad, or BBM terms.

Use the Ad preview Tool to see which other terms are creating the conflict and showing ads for the keyword you are checking.