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Multi Location Ad

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A client has two Yoga studios, with unique "promo" landing pages for each location.  Importantly, the pricing of the promotion is different for each location. $69 and $99 respectively.


The studios are ~15 miles distance from each other and I want to do a Google Ad for them.


At first, I considered two separate geo-based campaigns, however being in the same relative geolocation area, it would be very possible for a person to get Both ads in their search results.


So, next I am considering using a "central" location between the two studios and a 25 mile geo-radius.  Then I will have an ad that says, "from $69".


Open to thoughts on this approach or other ideas for this dual location / common promo with different pricing scenario.


Thank you

Re: Multi Location Ad

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HI elkiehound


Welcome to the AdWords community :-)


Just a quick post - I think that what you are describing here screams out for location extensions to be used!!  -


Set up location extensions.


"If you’re using location extensions, location insertion allows you to dynamically update your ad text to include a city, postal code, or phone number that matches a customer's geographic location. This makes it easier for you to create ads targeting multiple locations, while making the ad customized and relevant to each customer."


This will allow you to display the specific offer in conjunction with the correct location etc when your ad shows too .


I hope this suggestion is helpful :-)


Kind regards