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Most effective way of naming Campaigns.

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We have 10 different country sites. Each country site has 10 categories. Each category has 300 Brands. Each brand has 10 different models.


1. > womens perfume > chanel > allure

2. > womens perfume > chanel > coco

3. > womens perfume > chanel > No. 5


4. > womens perfume > chanel > allure

5. > womens perfume > chanel > coco

6. > womens perfume > chanel > No. 5



What is the most effective way of naming the campaigns?


I am thinking <country code><campaign code><brand code><Model Name>. So for example 1 it would look something like this:


Is this a good way of doing it? Do you have a better naming technique?




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Re: Most effective way of naming Campaigns.

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Well, if that's a easy way for you to name - go for it. Very quickly you'll get familiar with the campaign names and will know what each campaign is about. I don't think there are any best practices associated in naming the campaign.
The need arises only when you want campaign data displayed in a particular way when sorted by name. However, labels can fill up that gap if you want to analyze campaign data by country, product name or model number.

Re: Most effective way of naming Campaigns.

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Adgroups: {BRAND} {MODEL}


This way it will be easier to manage campaigns by product line.

Re: Most effective way of naming Campaigns.

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Maxroizer gives a great suggestion but I would take it one step further and set the domains up in their own accounts.


Then you can have campaigns in each for Womens Perfume and then ad groups that are brand name/model name.


Talk to your AdWords account rep about getting permission to set up multiple accounts. You will have to manage them all under an MCC, which is easy enough to set up. 


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Re: Most effective way of naming Campaigns.

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One quick thought here: you wanna organise your account in accordance with your product line and your website structure, based on gender (and perhaps something else).
That´s all fine, it makes things easy to find if you use the same structure.
But maybe it would also make sense to cut of part of the chain, namely gender. And the reason being that people probably do not use seach queries including gender to a great extent (chanel no 5 for women). But rather just search for product name OR gender perfume more broadly (perfume for women).
I prefer to have campaigns and adgroups that reflect the way people search, rather than of we categorise items, as these are not always the same