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Mobile ads Call Button

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I have seen previous ads that my competitors are running that have a direct call button how can i set this up on all my mobile ads ?

Re: Mobile ads Call Button

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Hi Vincent,

This call button is a so called ad extension. I can explain you how this works, but Google explains it very well:

If you have any question about this, please ask!


Re: Mobile ads Call Button

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Hi Vincent T,

Welcome to adwords community, You can use phone call extension for mobile device. For more go with this procedure
1.Sign in to your AdWords account at
2.Select the campaign or ad group for which you'd like to add call extensions.
3.Go to the Ad extensions tab. If you can't see this tab, find out how to enable the tab.
4.In the upper corner, choose Call extensions from the View menu.
5.Click + EXTENSION.
You'll see a list of phone numbers you’ve already set up. You can choose one of these or create a new one by clicking the gray + New phone number button. The following steps walk you through how to add this new number.
6.Choose the country where your business phone number’s based and enter your number in the box next to the country menu.
(US, UK, France, Spain, Australia, and Germany only) You can choose to show your ad with a Google forwarding phone number in order to access advanced call reporting. If you don’t want to use a Google forwarding phone number, choose “My own phone number.”

I hope it helps.

Re: Mobile ads Call Button

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Community Manager
Thank you Fenna and Suman for helping Vincent.

Vincent, I hope that was useful for you. Feel free to post again if you have further questions.