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Mobile ad. Conversion

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Hello Adwords PPL,


I want to use Mobile ads and I have 2 questions:


I already have mine tracking code for thank you page (computers users).

Do you thinks I should create a new tracking code for my thank you page for mobile phones or I just can use the same tracking code for the thank you page for mobiles and computers?


I want also to use order call button for moblie ads. So if someone call to dedicated phonenumber it counts as conversion. It si posible that phone operator can somehere uncheck the conversion if the product was not sold?


Thank you


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- Lukas

Re: Mobile ad. Conversion

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Hello again Lukas, 


I would use the valuetrack parameter to direct users to 2 landing pages if the goal is to separate mobile visits from desktop+tablet. Here is more info about it : link

But this would be mainly for usability, because the mobile landing page would look differently on small screens.


To answer : use the same tracking code for remarketing. Except when you start remarketing use 2 different rules , "visitors of Thank you page 1" ( for desktop+tablet) and "visitors of Thank you page 2" for mobile combined with the valuetrack Destination URL redirection should do the trick.


About "It si posible that phone operator can somehere uncheck the conversion if the product was not sold?" , I don't think it is possible to delete a conversion from the conversion report. But If I were you I would take advantage of the new offline conversion tracking that AdWords is offering to import more conversions and to add value to the advertising efforts : link


 [edit] Of course there are many others here who can help, when they have some spare time to share their input, so you could get more useful ideas to put into practice.