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Mobile SDK - Adwords and Play Store

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Hey, I work at a small startup and I'm very new to google Adwords.


We're trying to find out if there is an Android (mobile) SDK that tracks conversions from Adwords campaigns AND conversions from the Play Store.


Or would I have to setup two different SDKs? I'm not sure that I'm even asking the right question - but I would love some guidance or for someone to point me in the direction of literature about this.


tl;dr: Mobile (Android) SDK for Adwords and Play Store. Seperate? One SDK? Exists at all?

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Re: Mobile SDK - Adwords and Play Store

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Hi Mata,
You're in luck, there's one SDK, the Google Analytics SDK:

You can track both with that as well as plenty of other cool features (View crashes based on location, intent analysis etc.)

I'm thinking of writing a detailed article on the subject. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

Re: Mobile SDK - Adwords and Play Store

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Just to clarify, you'll need to link your Analytics account to your Play Store account too to get all your acquisition data. You can find out how to do that here:

So when you link your AdWords and Play Store accounts to Google Analytics, you can implement the Analytics SDK and get all your conversion data for all sources, including AdWords (and a bunch of additional e-commerce data if you need that) all withing Google Analytics.

Hope that clears things up.

One other thing, you can NOT pass personal user data to Google Analytics. You can use for that but make sure it's in your app and site privacy policy.