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Mobile CPA higher than Desktop

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Hi there, i'm very curious as why to CPA for mobile tend to always be higher than CPA on Desktop. Thanks!

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Mobile CPA higher than Desktop

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I have found the opposite to be true in a lot of campaigns; it depends upon a number of things including whether the market you're in is prone to mobile conversions; and the efficacy of your mobile/responsive landing pages /user experience. 


There are plenty of experienced advertisers on this forum who could give you suggestions, but with a little more info those suggestions would be more detailed and useful.  Can you share what type of product or service you are advertising?  And, how do your CTR's and CPC's compare between mobile and desktop? What % of your clicks are coming from mobile devices?


If you shared a landing page url, the feedback would likely be even more detailed.  But you may not choose to, as this is a public forum on the www. 



Mobile CPA higher than Desktop

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Hi Steve B,


I'm advertising a service for people to valuate their cars online in Malaysia. CTR for desktop is consistently higher than mobile. Avg CPC is different by only RM0.10 (give or take), but CPC is usually lower for desktop. Number of conversions are usually higher on mobile as compared to desktop.

*note: when I said mobile, i'm only looking at mobile devices with full browsers only and not including tablets with full browsers. 


Re: Mobile CPA higher than Desktop

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Hi @Gary L


There are two important things to analyse here - 


  1. User Experience on mobile devices
  2. Users' intent - Research or Conversion 

You should check the engagement that your mobile pages have. If you have forms on the pages, are they easier to be filled in? How do people interact and respond to different elements on your mobile site?


You can analyse Bounce Rate, Session Per User, or Avg. Pages Per Session for mobile devices. It will give you idea whether you need to improve mobile UX or not. 


Next, segment search query report by device and analyse the intents of those queries. Do you see more of research or information intent search terms from mobile devices?


Yes, it usually happens, people starts the research from mobile devices and finally convert on desktops. If you happen to find this behaviour significantly, create a different adgroup for mobile devices only excluding desktop and make your first campaign exclusive to desktops only. 


This way you can have specific keywords to target search behaviours specific to devices. Filter out non-converting research-oriented keywords and add more of conversion intents for mobile devices as well. Adjust your ad copies according to new/updated keywords. It should help improve performance on mobile devices. 


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