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Missing tools in AdWords

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I'm new to AdWords, but as off yesterday I have an AdWords account. BUT,

1)  I have no way of giving my campaign a name.

2)  No way of turning the campaign on/off.

3)  No way of setting which time of day I want my ad to show, and No start date, no end date. 

4)  No way of linking a phone number to ...Call us today.  

5)  These are my only choices:

– Location,

– Keywords,

– My daily budget,

– Making one text ad, and

– Billing information.

What can I do to get access to the missing tools?  For one I like to be able to turn on and off my campaign at my convenience. Thanks in advance for any assistance. 

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Re: Missing tools in AdWords

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Hi Atropa,


Here are images that should help you do the following:


Giving campaign a name: Navigate to the Campaigns tab, and click the pencil button next to the Campaign's name.




To turn the campaign on and off - click the Green dot - and you'll see a "Pause" and "Remove" option.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 17.43.41.png


Start dates, end dates... Head to your "Settings tab" and scroll down to find this section:

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 17.45.10.png


Hope this helps!




Re: Missing tools in AdWords

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Hi Kathleen G,

Thanks very much for your helpful advice! But you see, It'll be a while till I can use your very helpful guidelines.

You see I got a Norwegian AdWords account that is missing the User Interface. (The green top bar with white text):

I'm unable to choose: Home / Campaigns / Opportunities / Tools & Analysis / My account /
because it's missing you see.

Do you know if I can download the user interface from somewhere? Or where to register a new account which has the User Interface?

It looks like the user interface is intact in UK. Been trying all morning to start: with no such luck. I've been typing in "adwords" in Google, over and over again – not that it did me any good.

Seems I can't get: ---> Google AdWords - Online advertising by Goggle, and surely not get to the link:

Each time I end up on the same Norwegian page which is missing the AdWords user interface.

So I really appreciate if you know what to do! For the time being, I'm stuck...

Thanks in advance!


Re: Missing tools in AdWords

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Hi Atropa,

All those options will show up after you have created your first campaign.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Missing tools in AdWords

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Hi Pete,


Thanks for answering me. 


I show you what my problem is.





The first screen shot is of a Norwegian AdWords account, with no User Interface. It's a total of one page. What you see: (Om bedriften din), (Den første kampanjen din), are just plain text, with no dropdown menu.  I've put in all the information needed for my first campaign, and I want to have 2 ads running in the same ad group. But I can't, I'm boxed in.  I'm not ready yet to go to billing (Fakturering). The billing information (fakturering) is blocking my every move. I can not click on Set up billing later, cause I'm missing this option as well. 


The next one is a UK screen shot 

with a User Interface. This is what i need. Some my question is, where do I get this User Interface? 























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Re: Missing tools in AdWords

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billing information is required
for the normal sign-up flow.

(1) if the account has been fully created -- and the entire
sign-up flow has been completed, including billing details
then, the tools-tab should appear atop the main menu-bar,
aside home, campaigns, and opportunities; as was indicated
in the u.k. screen-capture.

note that if my-client-center is being used then, a client-account must
be created (linked) and selected first, before the tools-tab will appear.

if the sign-up flow also requests a campaign then,
simply create and immediately pause the campaign.

note: be absolutely certain that all campaigns are paused --
otherwise, advertising clicks will be continually charged.

(2) however, if the account has been fully created and the entire
sign-up flow has been completed, including billing, but the issue
still exists then, a support specialist may be contacted directly:


see also