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Match types within Ad groups

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Hi everyone,


I'm very new to Adwords and setting up my first campaign, and have a keyword list very like the following:


Sofa bed

Sofa beds

Leather sofa bed

Sofas beds

Convertible sofa bed

Corner sofa bed

Quality sofa bed

Custom sofa bed

Modern sofa bed



Now I'm moving onto match types to go with the ad group - can I have separate ones for each group?


I was thinking of having phrase match around 'sofa bed' so as to not bring up any actual beds. Or would it be better to add a broad match modifier? Can I add both in the same ad group?


Really grateful for any advice.



Re: Match types within Ad groups

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Hi Kathryn,

The good new is you can set up your ad groups any way you want. Most people start with one ad group with multiple match types in the same groups for sake of management time. Once you realize how successful each match type and keyword is, then you can break out the ad groups by match type to work on lowering CPCs. I would recommend broad match modified or exact match for sofa beds so that you don't pull in too many regular bed terms with a plain broad or phrase match keyword. This is a competitive keyword so you may even have good results only doing exact match or long-tail broad modified keywords to start.

Then use your search term report after running a few days to find new opportunities that convert well to add to your keyword bidding list.

Hope this helps!

Re: Match types within Ad groups

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Hi @KathrynM

First of all welcome to Adwords community..

I suggest you create separate ad groups for broad keywords and category keywords. For example sofa bed and sofa beds can go on same ad group and you can have separate ad groups for categories like convertible sofa bed. The benefit of doing this is you can write custom ads based on USPs like convertible sofa bed and have custom landing page for the same. Start with modified broad match and phrase match and test performance after a while. Having separate ad groups will help to improve your quality score as well.

Check the search terms report on a regular basis to find performing search terms and inappropriate search terms. Add good search terms as phase match keywords in the ad group level and add inappropriate search terms as negative keywords in the campaign level.

If you have a separate ad group for "Convertible sofa bed", Adding words like "convertible" as a negative keyword in the ad group level of ad group for "sofa bed" will do good..

Happy advertising...