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MainStream Dating niche

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HI I want to ask that Google AdWords Allow us to promote MainStream Dating offers?RussianDating,AsianDating, like that is it allow on google adwords if yes then on which categories Google display network or google search network only?

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Re: MainStream Dating niche

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Hi Shahzaib
I'm going to assume that by "promote ...offers", you mean affiliate offers.
In short, the answer is no. Have a VERY close read of this policy:
If the purpose of your site is to send users to another (merchant) site, this is not acceptable and is not a good fit for AdWords.

Furthermore, you have a very high risk of getting YOURSELF (yes, you the person) banned from AdWords permanently. This means that if you have any legitimate business that you want to advertise using AdWords in future, you wont be able to. There's a reason why there aren't a million dating ads and "lose belly fat with this one amazing trick" ads on AdWords.

Seriously, you're in an amazing position to avoid a LOT of heartache down the line. Please take my advice and don't try to advertise these "offers". You may get away with it for a day or two, but you WILL get caught.

If the dating site is yours, there's a whole bunch of policy requirements around personal data collection but that's a different conversation. Let me know if you want/need to have it.

Take care and again, please, make the right decision. Don't try this. You'll thank me when you have a legitimate business model and you realize how important a role AdWords will play in getting it off the ground.

Re: MainStream Dating niche

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Thanks alot for your value able Information.once again.I'm Affilliate Marketer with RussianBride,AnastAsiadate,AsianDate,Foreign Girlfriend. these are the sites.I'm adding into my dating landing pages and i want to promote it through google AdWords. so you mean its really bad and UnAcceptable on google adwords?
In other hand google adword mentioned this i show you bellow.
Family safe: Promotion of general online dating services
Examples: General dating, matchmaking, and marriage sites including heterosexual, homosexual, and special-interest dating such as dating for animal lovers, special needs persons, religious match, etc
So You Can Tell me What is the best way to promote dating now? because google adwords saying that which i mentioned.

Re: MainStream Dating niche

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Yes, if that's YOUR business model. As an affiliate, your ONLY job is to send visitors to another site. Your business model is not a dating site, it's inserting yourself into the search process and collect a commission. Effectively arbitraging the signup.

I've been helping on this forum for a very long time. I see this question at least 4-5 times a week. Please read the link I sent above.
If you don't believe me, fair enough. Many others haven't believed me. They're not advertising on AdWords now so either there's no money in it or I was right.

If you think you fit into a grey area in the AdWords policies, you're almost certainly not going to be able to circumvent the policy because of it. As an affiliate, it's pretty clear.
I also apologize, I sent you the incorrect link above. This is the correct one:

Please note this under "Low Value Content":
Landing pages that are solely designed to send users elsewhere
Examples: Bridge, doorway, gateway, or other intermediate pages

This is EXACTLY what an affiliate landing page does. Otherwise, why would you advertise it.
Ask yourself this: If you remove all affiliate links and ads from your landing page, would you still pay AdWords to send traffic to it? If the answer is no, AdWords isn't a good fit.

Take my advice or not, it's completely up to you. Don't say that you weren't warned. Again, there's a reason there's no other affiliate advertisers on AdWords and trust me, it's not because you came up with the idea first.

Best of luck!

Re: MainStream Dating niche

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so Whats the Best Offer to run on adwords? one of guy Was Promoting Clean
Dating on Adwords thats why i was Confused how is he promoting really Big
Question for me so thats why i posted for clarification my Question..