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MCC account + Agency + Freelance + Clients

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Hello Everybody,


I just left an old company and I am looking to run Adwords agency by myself. Making sale with clients and approach them work with at better options. I wanted to know what should be basics things I need to do.  Some of general questions are below.


1). How to apply for bigger credit card that I can use to pay the invoices? Will Google help find a solution for this? I know Google uses credit card only no debit card?


2) how would I manage the finance things? I would I need to manage the financial things like how clients are paying the monthly invoices and month to month by each clients?


3). Do you I need to register my company to get clients or if there are any formalities?








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Re: MCC account + Agency + Freelance + Clients

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Hi Julius,

1) The payment method varies form country to country and debit card payment method is also available.
You need to consult your bank for the credit cards(business credit card)

2) Best option is to create a manager account and link all the clients accounts (with their own credit/debit cards linked) to that Manager account.

3) As a freelancer, there is no compulsion to be a registered company. All you need is to grab the clients with you work performance and remarkable case studies.

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Re: MCC account + Agency + Freelance + Clients

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Hi Julius,

1) Yes, Google don't Accepts Credit cards and i guess they can't help you with this. it's an credit allowed by Bank to you , depends on various things.
2) You can generate monthly invoice and ads report for your client, how much you spended and how much you got results to them.
3) If you want to get clients online you need to be a google partner. you can follow mentioned link to Qualifying for Google Partner status " "

Tushar Rayate

Re: MCC account + Agency + Freelance + Clients

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Hi there


You don't need a credit card to manage your client's accounts.


What I usually do is ask the client to open an adwords account, fill in the billing information and then send me their Adwords account number. With this I can send them a request to manage the account from My Client Center account. This way you don't need to worry about handling the client's payment details.


A word of advise try NEVER to use your credit card to pay for your client's clicks, you might end up "on the hook" for a lot of money if ever a client is unable or unwilling to pay you.


Good luck