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Low search volume

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i have started my campaign 3 weeks ago but its not working as good as i expected i have huge number of keywords which shows Low search volume . is this is a problem whats why my campaign in not working properly please money is wasting Smiley Sad

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Re: Low search volume

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Hey Temp1234, how are things?

Keywords with "low search volume" means that there aren't that many people search for those keywords on Google. Since this is happening, Google will run your ads for those keywords.

Those keywords are reviewed by Google once a week, so you may see some Impressions and Clicks, but they are only running for a portion of a day, and not the whole week.

These is probably due to those keywords being very very specific ones. You should consider to add new keywords to your campaign.

More about low volume search here:

You can also use the Keyword Planner to check for keyword search volume before adding them. Here it is:

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Low search volume

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Hey leandrofm,

Thanks for the detailed explanation i will must try keyword planner for those Low search volume issue although my campaign is going good i am having Impr.& Click but not so good i am having around 500 products for ad but am not getting too much traffic my payments status is good
is there any problem except Low search volume ? please advise


Re: Low search volume

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Apart from the keyword selection explanation given by Leandro, it would be good for you to ensure that you structure your Adwords campaigns correctly.

You mentioned that you have 500 products right? How are you grouping all the keywords pertaining to these products currently? Ideally you should have campaigns at least on the basis of product types and dedicated ad groups for all major products. This helps you ensure that at the campaign level you can allocate adequate money for products that you think will do well.

At an ad group level, this also helps you ensure that you have the most relevant ads for each product.

Apart from this you will probably need to ensure the following too:

1. Negative keywords to ensure that your ads do not show up for irrelevant searches
2. Inter ad group negatives to ensure that the most relevant ad from your account is shown to users searching for your products
3. Your ads need to take users to the most relevant pages on your website (Are all your ads going to the homepage right now?)
4. Are you an e-commerce website? If Yes, then you may wish to try out Google shopping ads (
5. Have you set up conversion tracking? - This would help you identify how many people have bought products on your website and through which keywords. Then you can optimize those keywords to show up more often..

Your issues might be due to combinations of the reasons I've mentioned above. If you can answer these and share some more details, we should be able to guide you better..

Re: Low search volume

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As Leandro has already explained the reason for this and best method to choose keywords.
One more thing that I would like to add is regarding money wastage.
If no one is searching for those keywords then they are inactive in some way and you will never get charged for those until you get clicks(for CPC bidding).

Better to use a combination of different keyword match types and avoid too long keywords in exact match.
Build keyword list as per the trend. If you use a loose keyword match type(broad or modified broad) then never forget to add general negative keyword list and frequently update that list for the search term report.

Archit, AdWords Top Contributor, Community Profile
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Re: Low search volume

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Untitled.pngMy Campaign

Hi Nikhilmotiwani,


As you guide me a lot more things really thank you for supporting me in a such good way.

In above picture you can see that i have separated my campaigns category wise and also set my keyword as per products i usually use [exact] and "phrase"  on keywords, properly set my negative keywords separately with campaigns , and my landing pages correctly defined.


Limited by budget is not an issue i have set low budget on that campaign because that campaign is not  so important as compare to others.


you get any kind of idea related my issue so please guide me it be highly appreciated