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Loss of data conversions

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Hello , 


I added  recently an analytics code on a landingpage ( enroll form) , this page doesn't contain any adwords conversion code , this code is generated on the next page of confirm sending form , so since i have added the analytics Code i lost the conversions data on my Adwords Account on the same day , so i moved away this code yesterday but there is no more conversion data between yesterday and tonight. So please could you tell me if this could be the reason of this loss , and if is true how could i solve this situation ?  Any idea , suggestion or advice ?? 


Thanks for all your responses 



Re: Loss of data conversions

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner

The reasons you may be seeing data loss or not seeing data, is it can take up to 24 Hours or more for Adwords to sync back with It's adwords tracking conversions and as well as Analytics tracking conversions when using the adwords portal.
I personally use analytics code , create goals, and log into analytics to view conversions.

To solve issues here are some details below.
You can chose to either use Adwords conversion Tracking or Analaytics Conversion Tracking or in some cases both.

Using Adwords tracking is fully explained Here.
You get a code and add it to the page you wish to track.

You also decide if you are tracking items as Conversion or Converted clicks
discussion and resource links here:

and here:

You need to make sure you decide what to pull into adwords as your tracking chose
( Adwords tracking or Analytics tracking) under TOOLS < Conversions

Personally I prefer Analytics tracking with the new Universal Analytics codes.

You can pull in the analytics data into adwords as well

Or just view through analytics itself, but best to pull it into adwords inf you are using any of the conversion optimization methods for bids etc.

The choice is yours, but know that the Adwords platform is slower to sync, and Analytics is only about a 3 hour delay at most to view through the Analytics Platform ( syncing back to adwords takes times as well).

Hope that helps
Eric G