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Losing impression share to rank when on pos 1

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The impression share on for brand campaigns is lower than expected  it says it's losing impression share to rank however we are sat on pos 1


does anyone know why?




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Re: Losing impression share to rank when on pos 1

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Here are few things to think about (Taken from an insightful case study on impression share from PPC Hero)


  • Be careful when using the impression share. It only tells you the share of auctions you competed but not your share in the market.
  • If your number of impressions drops and you cannot explain it by seasonal effects, remember the minimum CPC hypothesis: You need to overbid the minimum PPC to enter the auction.
  • There might be different reasons why you are below the minimum CPC
  • Last but not least the keyword planer tool might help you to find the minimum CPC and give you a rough estimate of the total market share.
  • Always be sure that you bid at least the minimum CPC.

In summary, it could be due to the fact that you may have to increase CPCs even though your position is at a 1 due to the way AdWords looks at auctions. I see this a lot for Branded campaigns. 

Re: Losing impression share to rank when on pos 1

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Hi guys;

Well... As respectful as PPCHero is, I don't think they address the point;

A few points to remember:

  • Ad-rank is not an impression. The system estimates that there are other auctions, in which  your ads do not participate  because your ad-rank(s) in those auctions are still low.  Though, the "lost impression share should be  relatively low (since, as you mentioned, your average position is 1)
  • Impression share is a statistical estimate; as such there is an intrinsic error within the calculation. (In other words: the system estimates auctions, which your ads were eligible to take part, while in practice they should have not been taken into account - this is also known as a type 1 error)
  • The exact impression share is a much better indicator since it takes into the calculation only  auctions in which the query exactly matches the keyword (no synonyms).


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Re: Losing impression share to rank when on pos 1

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Badged Google Partner
One thing to Add. In your Brand campaign, Click on Keywords tab, then on Segment Tab and segment by Device. Are you seeing your Ave Position relatively the same for Desktop and Mobile?

In main columns you see an average, but segmenting you see more defined data

You may have an actual lower Desktop or Mobile ave position then you thought, which could account for "it says it's losing impression share to rank " If that is the case consider bid modifiers for Mobile ( if that is the issue) or increase bid in general for desktop.

Just something to check.