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Losing faith

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I'm thinking of cutting off adwords. I feel like the acquisition costs of a new customer-job are too high. My industry is ultra competitive, we all are very similiar and customers have many choices. I'm satisfied with my ads and position but i'm not getting any call throughs. The thing that bothers me is that i can participate in a pay per call program in which this particular company advertises on google ppc and through them i get calls but on my own, nada. Not sure how to continue. My website is nothing spectacular but really i've seen work from other companies who have managed my business needs and their one page adversites were nothing special. Any ideas out there. My web page is Would love some insight?

Re: Losing faith

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Hi Steve C

I know its frustrating but as you have mentioned that your industry is ultra competitive , so new customer acquisition cost will be higher since the cost per click will be more because of competition.

I suggest that you look at the broader picture, a new customer acquired have some LTV(Life Time Value). For example, suppose you are not making any profit by serving a new customer for the first time but if you serve them with the best services then definitely they will use your services again and may recommend to other people as well.

Hope that make sense.


Re: Losing faith

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Hey Steve,

Can you confirm if your ad landing page is the same as your homepage? Also, if my understanding is right, you are getting clicks, but no call-throughs?

In that case, I would start with tweaking the landing page. In terms of user experience, the visitor sees the bright-red "Start your claim here" button most prominently and this fades out the phone numbers that are displayed just right above. And even if they click here, it is a long-drawn application form they need to fill.

Two changes I would make : remove the 'bright red' form and make the phone numbers more prominent. Also, move the enquiry form to the top-fold of the page. It needs to be a short form. Not only is your homepage form down in the second-fold where people do not scroll down often, but it is also unattractive to be honest.

Third thing, I will also experiment with a 'Click to call' button that is easier to use for the visitor.

Re: Losing faith

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Hi Steve,

I suggest you to redesign your website and make it user friendly. While making redesign, please follow the best possible ways in getting customers (Right Landing Page, Right images, Right Keywords in content etc) helps.

I suggest to use "Google Certified professionals" to take care of your Adwords Campaign to get better results.


Re: Losing faith

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To check why your visitors are not converting, you may actually have to do A/B testing. i.e create other variations of the landing page with variations in CTA Buttons, Text, Banners, Highlights. If you are running a A/B testing for all the variations of landing page concurrently to identify the issues.

Following are issues found on the current landing page:

1. Design need huge improvement
2. Improper placement of CTAs
3. Contact / Lead gen form is below-the-fold.

Hope it helps!! Do get in touch with me if required.