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Loose DSA queries for one language

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I have 2 parallel DSA campaigns on 2 different languages. They target equal site categories/products on each language (mobile phones models).

The language A – is country’s native language, homepage’s main language.
The language B is less popular, but also usable.

The problem is: search queries for some popular mobile phones models (for example, „Samsung Galaxy s7”) show ads only on language B.  Although targeted homepages are equal; product exists on both languages; product’s description/headline also are equal.  


There are no problems with campaigns’ settings, biding, scheduling, budget limit, negative KW e.t.c. Interrupting the B campaign didn’t help (I thought, maybe B homepage seems more attractive for Google or campaign’s bids are higher). After B language DSA was paused, I didn’t start to receive necessary queries on A. It look like, Adwords don’t verify products on site.


Where can be the reason? Why any queries on DSA campaign for one language do not verifying by system? Thank You.

Re: Loose DSA queries for one language

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I will assume that the language setting of the domain for each campaign are set properlyCapture.JPG.


In this case, most probably not all of your website pages in language A are indexed organically by Google and they are for Language B. Give it sometime and it will pick up as long as you have competitive bids.



Re: Loose DSA queries for one language

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Adding to what Ahmed has mentioned:


The reason for the difference does seem to lie the indexing Google would have done for both websites. Do you use the Google Search Console? (Formerly known as Google Webmaster Tool) (More Info on the Search Console)


This tool would help you understand the indexing status of your websites. Another simple way is to search for your website domain name with the prefix 'site:' on Google search, the web search results shown post running this show only your web pages that are indexed by Google and hence are featuring as organic results. The total number of these results is displayed just below the search box, this can tell you the total number of pages indexed.