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Looking for a mentor, t-shirt campaign advisor

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I'd love to find a mentor or advisor to help me get the most (sales) out of my advertising. I have an online t-shirt company targeting bikers, specifically Harley-Davidson and vintage motorcycle enthusiasts and classic car motorheads.

My products/designs are very simple and very unique in the motorhead market and I believe the only or best ad needs to be an image ad using a sample design/drawing. Text ads would be a waste of time, space, funds.

I've tried running a 200 x 200 image ad on the Google display network within an ad group that searches or contains websites that are Harley-Davidson motorcycle sales, parts, apparrel, etc.

I am trying to get a slow start and build the business via sales, so that every cost I incurr is covered by shirts sold and I don't have to use any of my family money. So far I've run my campaign twice and not had a single click. The Google Adwords support agent suggested I wasn't bidding enough CPC. I am anxious about paying cost per click to clicks that don't lead to a sale.


I've raised my bid from .10 to .50 per click to see if there is any response to the campaign. I am sure there is so much more to this than I understand. I would feel better if I was only paying for actual conversions/sales. I was told I can't get that kind of CPA, cost per acquisition until I have set up "conversion tracking" and show a certain number of sales via my ads.


Is there a resource who can "hold my hand" or guide me through the process. I'm frustrated that this whole enterprise has taken me months longer than I anticipated.

Are their volunteer expert advisor/mentors I can work with?



Richard Zempel



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Re: Looking for a mentor, t-shirt campaign advisor

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Good morning and welcome to the AdWords Community.


If you have a "new account" customer service representative at Google, you should be able to ask them for basic assistance.


For more advanced help, you can read the material in the AdWords Help Center and/or watch the informational videos on the Google AdWords YouTube channel. And, of course, this Community is always here if you have specific questions you want to ask--a whole community full of "mentors"!


Google AdWords is a complex system that takes quite a bit of time and effort to learn and master but if you want to manage your own account, I strongly recommend that you make the investment. The better you understand the parts of the system and how they interact, the more successful your advertising is likely to be.


To speak to your specific request, I am not aware of any one-on-one "mentoring" programs aside from Google Customer Support.

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Re: Looking for a mentor, t-shirt campaign advisor

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Hey Richard,

If I was in your position, I would start my bidding at $1 or higher. If you are still not seeing traffic, then perhaps you might want to find better targets.

In my opinion, generally speaking, you can't be scared to lose money when you first set-up a campaign on Google Adwords.

This is because you are in discovery mode, trying to figure out what works. Once you figure out what works then you can be more conservative in your bidding.

Famous Quote: "Scared money don't make money" ;-)

Re: Looking for a mentor, t-shirt campaign advisor

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Hi Richard, further to the advice already given, I can add some nuggets.


Firstly, I think you'll do better with Search than Display.  The Search and Display networks can be really quite different in terms of their interaction with the customer; one simple way to look at it is to think of it in terms of intent, with Search, people have a positive intent to do something, with Display, it's more about influence so they might do something.  Display is therefore traditionally usually more appropriate for branding purposes and these days useful for remarketing and up-selling, whereas Search is usually more useful for direct sales.  This isn't a concrete rule, of course, there will be industries where Display works well for direct sales, but when starting out Search is normally where you'd go.


Conversion tracking - reporting real sales values - is absolutely, totally vital to AdWords success.  You must know when AdWords is the source of a sale and what the value of that sale was.  You may well be able to see that AdWords is doing something if you get more sales when the Campaigns are running, but there's a huge difference between $1000 of revenue from $500 spend on Ads and $3500 from the same spend.  With smaller volumes, when you're just starting out, reporting is just, if not more, crucial as every single sale can inform your adjustment of the elements of your Campaign.  So conversion tracking, with values, is a must and I'd even go as far as to say you should pause your Campaign(s) until it's set up and proven to be working.


You must also have a strong idea of what your profit margin is, and convert that into a figure you can see in AdWords.  If you've only got one price of product and that has a consistent profit, then you can use the Cost/Conv column (you may need to add this manually using the "Customise Columns" button).  So, if your shirts all cost $50 and you may $10 on each, you'll need to ensure your cost/conv is never more than $40 (make sure you factor in shipping, taxes, etc.).  If your products vary more in price and profit is easier to measure as a percentage rather than an absolute value, you may find it better to use the Conv. value/cost column.  This will show a figure that represents how many $ you make for each $ spent.  So, for example, If your profit is 10%, you'll need this figure to be no lower than 10 (since 10 means you're making $10 for every $1, which matches a 10% profit margin).



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Re: Looking for a mentor, t-shirt campaign advisor

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