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Location Targeting for two different campaign with same build?

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I just want to know whether what i did in location targeting is right or not? 


The targeting is like this. For first camoaign i have targeted few local cities inside eg. new york state.


With same build i duplicated the campaign and i have targeted the whole state eg. New york state and excluded whatever i local city i targeted in the first campaign.


So is it right wat i did?


And one more thing, What if i have same adgroup name and different keywords, then there is no need to exclude those location in second campaign right? 


I am confused please clarify thanks.



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Re: Location Targeting for two different campaign with same build?

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Location targeting works at the campaign level so whatever config you have applies to everything within that campaign.


So it sounds like you have one camapign for the selected towns, and another campaign for all the other areas in the state. If that's what you had intended then you've done it right.


Within the camapigns the ad groups and keywords can have the same names and keywords as those in other camapigns - no problem - the campaigns are what keep these apart - kind of "top level" separation.


You could have two restaurants with exactly the same menu - except in one the prices were all $1 more epxensive... same kind of thing. Or with different menus - just because you offer club sandwich in one doesn't mean that customers can come in and ask for  a club sandwich in the other.


and - you've done the right thing I suspect - the prices in a restaurant on Times Square would not be the same as those in a restuarant outside the city. In a similar way you will find (probably) that your bids will be different across your campaigns as will your CTR and conversion rates.


hope that helps