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Location Targeting Real Estate

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I own a real estate company and am having trouble figuring out location targeting in Adwords. When I call Adwords support I get told completely different things depending on who I talk with. I'm not sure where to get an accurate answer so I would appreciate any help given.


Here is what I am trying to do. We have a website that shows homes for sale in Austin, TX and surrounding areas. Let's say I want to run and ad for people who are looking for homes in Cedar Park which is a suburb of Austin. I don't care where someone is if they are searching for homes in Cedar Park (except I do want them to be in the US) because someone could be moving here from around the country. I only care that they are searching for real estate in Cedar Park. 


I have been told 2 different things. 


1. In location targeting select Cedar Park as an area someone would be in or searching for something in that area. Then for my keywords I would simply put "homes for sale" and should not have "Cedar Park homes for sale" since Cedar Park is in my location targeting. I have been told if I put Cedar Park in the keywords there will be conflicting information going on, but I don't even understand what that means? 


2. For location targeting I should only put US and then for keywords I need to put "Cedar Park homes for sale." I have been told in this case I would miss out on searches if someone is in Cedar Park and only searches for "homes for sale." 


Is there a resource that might answer this question or anyone who has been through a similar circumstance? 


Thank you

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Re: Location Targeting Real Estate

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Hi Eric,

Welcome to the AdWords Community Smiley Happy

If I understant your question correctly,

1.) Your business target Location is Austin, TX

2.) Business Objective is to Sell property of Cedar Park.

So Here is your strategy,

Make campaigns for Austin, TX Targeting location. Add Keywords related to Cedar park. e.g "property in cedar park" or "homes in cedar park".

You can also add generic keywords like "homes for sale" etc. and highlight the Property is located in Cedar park in the Ad Copy.

I would also recommend to follow the below link how location targeting works in the AdWords.

--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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