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Local Landscaping Business - Local Keyword Advice

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I run a small local landscaping business and I'm having a difficult time with AdWords. I purchased a book and read through a number of online articles but very few of the examples and info focus on local businesses who serve local customers only. I contacted AdWords and they reviewed by ads, keywords, and landing pages and said everything was good. I think my ads and landing pages are okay but I'm having a difficult time understanding local keywords?


Below is an example of one of my ads (running locally only). The landing page that it links to includes basic info on our services, a photo gallery, testimonials, and a free estimate form.


What I don't understand is the keyword part? The only keyword I have for this ad is landscaper. The ad is getting clicks but no conversions. Many general landscaper terms are getting matched. I'm afraid if I do an exact match I would miss too much traffic. I would appreciate feedback on my ad and possible keywords?


Full Service Landscaper
Landscape Design & Installation.
20+ Years Exp. Free Estimates.


Keywords: landscaper

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Re: Local Landscaping Business - Local Keyword Advice

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Landscaper is generic. Start with specific keywords and you should use match types. If you too worried about traffic, please start with "broad match modifier" or "phrase match". Do not start with broad keyword.

For example, why do not you focus on

+landscaping +services
+landscaping +services +prices

You should especially try with geo modifiers in your keywords

for example keywords like
+landscaping +houston
+landscaping +austin +tx

To know more about match types, refer here
To get more specific keywords use Keywords Planner


Re: Local Landscaping Business - Local Keyword Advice

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Hi RoboT,

Landscaper as broad match is really too broad. You might try including your location (city or town) in the ad copy.

You are using geo-targeting, right? In that case, you really don't need the city/town name in your keywords at all as it often results in "Low Search Volume".

Now, go to the keywords tab, select your one keyword and run a search terms report. If the search query (what the user looked for) does not seem to match up to the services you offer, add those as negative keywords. Let's say you do maintenance but not design. You might want to add "landscaping design" as a negative keyword. And you might want to add a BMM or phrase match for "landscaping maintenance."

Different queries indicate different intent. A search for landscaper does not necessarily have the same intent as a search for landscapers.

Do you do yard clean-up? You might want an ad group just for that. Do you do storm damage clean up? That could be another ad group.

It is very rare that an ad group with a single, broad match keyword is successful. These are things you can do to improve your account performance.

Best of Luck!


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