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Linked GA to Adwords (but campaign report blank)

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I've linked an active Adwords account to its appropriate Google Analytics account (which I both have Admin access to) but the Adwords reports (Campaign, Keywords, Matched Searched Queries, etc) all appear blank in Google Analytics.


I've confirmed I'm linking the account correctly and have waited several days for the reports to update but they still don't have any data in them.  


Here are screen shots from both Google Analytics and Adwords showing the bug that I've been unable to resolve.


Please help!





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Re: Linked GA to Adwords (but campaign report blank)

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Hello Rob ! Welcome to the Community !


1) Did you link the accounts using the "data sources" tab as instructed here ?


2) Did you check to have auto-tagging enabled ?


3) Is your code tracking organic visits but not paid ?

Re: Linked GA to Adwords (but campaign report blank)

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Hi Rob,


In addition to what Adrian said above, I would also like to emphasize on the point that make sure you are linking the correct Google Analytics profile with the Adwords account which you want to link. 


Are you getting message like "not set" when you go to Traffic Sources>> Advertising>> Adwords>>campaigns?


Please note that the day you link analytics with Adwords, after that you will start seeing the Adwords traffic in Google Analytics and no past data will be shown w.r.t. Adwords.


My 2 cents!