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Limits Adwords Account

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Is there a doc with all limits for an Adwords account? I have heard different things like maximum 10 000 campaigns per account, 20 000 keywords per adgroup. But how many adgroups can you have? And are th eother metrics I mentioned correct?


Thankful for help!

Re: Limits Adwords Account

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Hi Caroline,

The following article is what you are looking for:

There is a section at the bottom that you need to expand to see, and that is where you will find all the limits.

Good Luck
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Re: Limits Adwords Account

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Hi Caroline R

Welcome to the Adwords community. Indeed there are a few different numbers often quoted from different sources. Here is the official Google limits. I hope this helps you clear the confusion.

Here is a full list of all account creative and ad extension limits:

10,000 campaigns (includes active and paused campaigns)
20,000 ad groups per campaign
5,000 keywords per ad group
300 display ads per ad group (includes image ads)
4 million active or paused ads per account
3 million keywords per account
10,000 location targets (targeted and excluded) per campaign, including up to 500 proximity targets per campaign*
100,000 active ad extensions per account
1.3 million references to ad extensions per account

More detailed information can be found here:

All the very best