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Lead generation with AdWords

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I have a company dealing with telemarketing and we need a lot of leads generated daily. I am trying everything possible to optimize my campaigns in Google, but nothing seems to be working. There are clicks but not as many as I wish to. And not many sign ups at all. What do you think I should do and can really Google AdWords generate a lot of leads?  Thank you in advance.


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January 2017

Re: Lead generation with AdWords

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Hi @Dayana S


Unfortunately, without having access to the account it's hard to say where to improve. I am going on the assumption you are using search. So here are a few best practices:


  • Lack of clicks - I am assuming your keywords are targeted.
    • Is it because you don't have a lot of impressions or is because of a low CTR?
      • Low impressions
        • Are you losing impression share due rank or budget (columns for this)? Budget is easy to fix (increase budget). Increasing rank could be because your bids are too low or you quality score may be low and you need improve it.
        • Do more keyword research to expand keywords you are bidding on.
        • If you have exhausted keyword research, then you could use traditional broad match keywords for keyword mining. I would keep them in a separate campaign to control the budget. And check the search term report frequently to add negatives and find new keywords to add.
        • You may need to increase your bids to gain more visibility.
      • CTR
        • Make sure you have tightly themed ad groups. You do this to make sure the ads being shown are highly relevant to the search term the user searched with. For example, if I was Disney World and I was bidding on keywords "orlando theme parks" and "orlando water parks". I would make sure they were in separate ad groups so my ads can speak to each of those.
        • Split-test ads
        • Review the search term report and add irrelevant negatives. This won't directly help increase your clicks, but it will help with quality scores, which if you are losing any impression share due to rank, could increase relevant impressions. Or if those less relevant keywords are eating budget it will stop it, and relevant terms will receive it.
        • Are you positioned below the fold? If so, try increasing bids to get above the fold and you should see an increase in CTR (fix relevancy issues above before doing this)
  • Lack of clicks - This comes down to a few things
    • Targeting: Make sure the keywords you are targeting are for your audience.
    • Make sure there is continuity between the ads and the landing pages (what's in the ad needs to carry over to the landing page).
    • Usually the biggest issue is the landing page itself. Paid search comes down to two overall things, pre-click and post-click. The targeting and everything you do in Adwords is pre-click. It can only drive targeted traffic. The website has to close the deal. Just as with ads, you should be split-testing landing pages to improve conversion rates.

Hope that helped.



Lead generation with AdWords

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Thank you very much for the fulfilling answer! I would try to follow your advice and change some of my targeting and so on. Thanks again! Smiley Happy