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Landing pages, display vs search, low CTR etc. etc.

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Well I guess this is the new advertisers section so lots of questions!

We are an optometry practice and advertise within 10 miles of our location.

I have read Perry Marshall's latest book from cover to cover and tried to do things as close to best practice as possible.

We are getting very low CTR and need to spend some time finding out why. Best ad. (optometrist keyword) gets served about 2000 times per week with about 21 clicks during that period. 7/10 quality score.

The one thing he mentions is a good landing page with lots of above the fold CTA. About 1/4 way down this page is the template he suggests.

Our site is built using Drupal and  our current landing pages have too much header and menu items above the fold not leaving much space for the CTA.

I will be asking the web developers to build the above landing page template which I will then use to fill in the blanks depending on which ad I am running.

Does this template look like a good one?


I have read that display ads are not ideal for local service businesses. Our display campaigns have about a .25% CTR for all ad groups and our search campaigns fro 1 to about 10%. When I turn off the display campaign Google analytics  show a definite drop in traffic. Do I continue with display or use that budget towards my search campaigns?


We are not doing any conversion tracking right now except asking the receptionist to monitor increase in incoming calls and online appointments.


So let me stop for now to see if am posting questions correctly. Based on the reply to this I can then get into things deeper.


Many thanks.



Re: Landing pages, display vs search, low CTR etc. etc.

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HI Jack,

Sounds like you have a few issues to handle on first:
1. Search vs Display. You'll need to break these two out to get a good read on whats going on. Put display in one campaign and search in another, don't mix these two up so much. You mentioned that you had 2,000 impressions per week with 21 clicks which is roughly a 1% CTR. This is not so bad for search, but you can be doing better. The way to do this is through the use of negative keywords, through better use of match types (move away from broad towards exact/phrase), and your adcopy really needs to be compelling and hopefully with the keyword that you bought, in the copy itself.
2. Banner ads are good for driving awareness of your business and your brand. As you have seen, not so great for driving traffic. Your CTRs are about industry average. You can better use banner ads in a remarketing campaign which will retarget your brand/business to people who have already been to your site.
3. From my perspective, the landing page you provided might not jive so well with people looking for optometry services. If I were to click for an optometrist and I got a page about macular degeneration, I would say, "i'm only here for an eye appointment so I can get glasses" and bounce off the page. Think about what your patients are really looking for and the way you sell them in your store. Free eye exam (for children), etc....

Re: Landing pages, display vs search, low CTR etc. etc.

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Hi Fred,
Many thanks for the reply.
I already have my search and display as separate campaigns.
I am using phrase match almost exclusively with a couple of exact as well.
The ads are relevant to the keyword that finds them.

I only have a couple of negative keywords, I will see if there are more that I should include.
The macular degeneration landing page is linked only to the relevant keywords. I have other's too. I only linked to it here to show how the layout is not great and could be affecting my clicks to new business ratio.

This is why I asked for opinions on this one out of Perry Marshall's book before I got the expense of getting the Drupal experts to build it for me.


Keep the comments coming I am enjoying this learning process.

Re: Landing pages, display vs search, low CTR etc. etc.

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Hi Jack,

It is a nice looking landing page.

One quick change is to remove the dash after the colon (this is below the first appointment button):

These eye diseases could include:-

Some tactical changes you can make:
For the search ads, you can try adding more negative keywords, have less phrase matches and more exact mach or some combination of these.

For display ads, the CTR isn't bad for the reasons Fred J mentions. Do make sure you are using re-targeting to keep your ads in front of visitors to your site. I suppose you can target specific sites as well, but I wouldn't suspend the display ads.

As for the landing page, I think the template layout may help and is worth a try. You can test the new layout against your current layout to make sure you are getting conversion improvements. You may also want to have "micro" conversions for those who do not make an appointment. I suspect that many of your site visitors are shopping around and may not be ready to make a commitment. For these people you can have a download available to them, in exchange for their email address. Maybe a survey too, or not. You don't want to confuse the visitor. The landing page itself could use more sales copy. This maybe tricky as some people may be hesitant because they are facing the reality of needing medical intervention. With that said, you can segment the site visitors by their stage in their journey.

Some visitors may be ready to make an appointment right away. The landing page copy/ads should match.

Another segment are the shoppers. Another ad and landing page copy would be written for this audience as well. They may want information regarding simple things, like office hours, how long it takes to get an appointment, how long the appointment is, medical insurance accepted. etc.

Another possible segment, is for those who are genuinely afraid that they may need a medical procedure done. The landing page copy is not a replacement for an optometrist, of course. It should read differently than for those wanting an appointment right away.

For visitor downloading information but not making an appointment, you will want to keep them engaged through content marketing.

I hope this gives you some ideas.


Let me know if you need more information.


Re: Landing pages, display vs search, low CTR etc. etc.

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# 5
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Many thanks for your input.
I will spend more time researching and understanding display retargeting etc.
I like the concept of having landing pages to cater for appointment now,shoppers, folks who are afraid etc,. etc. My only difficulty is that I cant think of search terms they would use that would distinguish them from the others. Searching for "dry eyes" could be done by any of these groups so how do we know what ad and landing page to serve them?

Thanks for your comment on the landing page template. I will get the Drupal folks onto it.

Thanks again.

Re: Landing pages, display vs search, low CTR etc. etc.

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Coming up with good keywords to capture intent to segment your list could be difficult to think up a list for. However, you don't have to think of all of the words. When going through the keywords report to see what keywords were used to bring up these ads. You can kill two birds with one stone. This report may give you some negative keywords to add. You might also get some good keywords to segment the audience. Or maybe not, depending on how long this particular campaign has been going. There is a chance that these keywords maybe toooooo long tail, and therefore not worth the time in creating a specific landing page for. Hopefully you will get some ideas.

Good luck with the campaign! Smiley Happy