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Landing page

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Hello friends.

Why is a good landing page so important and how should a landing page look like ?

I am marketing showers and have made an advert in Adwords.
By clicking the advert you are sent to the product page for this shower in the web shop.
Is that a good idea for a landing page ? If not, why ?



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Landing page

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Make sure your landing pages are as relevant to the search terms as possible. If someone searches for a specific shower, they should land on that specific shower product page. Basically: the landing page should be appealing, easy to use/navigate, and conform with your campaign's goals. 


Landing page

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Petter, the reason a good landing page is so important is, it's where the rubber meets the road - click becomes conversion.  It's where the crucial engagement with a potential customer or client occurs.


You should Google "Landing page hosting services" and you will find there are 2 or 3 of them which have published a wealth of knowledge about to setup landing pages which convert well.  We don't directly mention 3rd party providers in this forum, but they are easy to find.


I always tell clients, use what your 3rd grade English teacher taught you: "Who What When Where Why?".  


The "above the fold" area of a landing page must clearly communicate which product or service you offer, in a glance.  If someone cannot tell "what you do" (your product or service) within 5 seconds of arriving on your page, without scrolling down, you have lost the battle. This is the "What". 


Below the "What?", comes the WHY: your VALUE PROPOSITION.  Often it is stated with a short, succinct, bullet point lists; other times with longer sales copy.  There are many ways to do this but on the web, shorter is often better. 


Who: social proof


Where: contact details


When: sense or urgency, call to action. 


How: contact details, form, phone # etc.  Call to action.


This is an immense topic.  Recommend you read some of those white papers, and there are books.  I have been studying it for 20 years.

Re: Landing page

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the landing-page must give a potential customer exactly what they

are looking for -- as simply, transparently, and rapidly as possible.


the ad is like the billboard a person sees on the side-of-the-road;
the landing-page is like the store or office a person walks into,
for the first time.


if the landing-page is slightly irrelevant with respect to the ad,
or poorly designed, then potential customers will simply, clearly,
and quickly, leave -- without a second thought; except possibly,

to tell others about their unpleasant experience.


the ad and landing-page must match a customer's expectations
and display a clear, easy, path to an action -- that is valuable to
the business; each business defines valuable differently.


if, by clicking the advertisement, the person is sent to the product-page
for the shower in the web-shop, and the ad and landing-page are tightly
coupled to what the person predicts will happen based on the ad-click,
is simply, clearly, and briskly presented, is well designed for most all
popular devices and browsers, and has a clear, easy, path to a defined
action, then that is likely a good idea for a landing-page.