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When using phrase match, is there such thing as canabolism between similar keywords?

For example, if I have the keywords "tennis shoes" and "red tennis shoes", if someone searches for red tennis shoes, "tennis shoes" will trigger my ad. What is the point of having both of them in my keywords list? Won't my keyword "tennis shoes" get a better ad rank if it is being used more often? 


Thanks for any insights.

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Re: Keywords

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Hi JaqWhite,


Welcome to the community! Your theory is right.. even I though of same when I started my first campaign with Adwords. 


Actually Ad rank is a combination of QS*Bids and QS is being calculated every time search query runsNow QS plays a role here. To maintain a good QS relevancy should be there. It is highly important to maintain relevancy between the keywords and associated search queries. Search query triggered by the most closely matched keyword. So If someone's search query is Red Tennis Shoes and keyword Red tennis shoes itself trigger, the relevancy will be higher - that means very high CTR - high QS - and ultimately good Ad rank.


To stop conflict and to maintain relevacny we can add negative keyword across adgroups. New adgroup specially for Red Tennis Shoes related keywords and You can add -red as a negative in "Tennis shoes" adgroup. So that the right keywords will be triggered by right search queries. Here is one more advantage you can create adcopy specific to Red Color Tennis Shoes.


Although I am not sure of your advertising goals, so can only give you some general advice.


Hope that makes some sense.




Neha Gupta, AdWordsTop Contributor Follow Me: My Blog | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
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Re: Keywords

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Hi JaqWhite


'red tennis shoes' is a more SPECIFIC search term and you may find it won't be as competitive. 

If you sell specific coloured tennis shoes and Keyword Tool advises a strong demand on those specific terms then I would use them.


Having 'red tennis shoes' can attract (in a way) more narrowed down, specific search terms.

'affordable red tennis shoes' could be a potential. 


And 'tennis shoes' won't necessarily ascertain a better ad position as many other variables come into play - competitor bids, ad text relevance, web content relevance and so on. 


I hope this helps.